Revolt of the Saharawis - Révolte des Sahraouis - Revuelta de los Saharauis

Provisional list of  Saharawi political prisoners



According to phone contacts with local witnesses the latest developments are indeed worrying:
- at this point, some 19 people are arrested and considered missing since their whereabouts are uncertain. He also mentioned the family of El Aarabi, where all four members are still unaccounted for since they were arrested last night.
several of the homes of those arrested, included the El Aarabi family residence, are full of blood and have signs of a violent struggle
- there are already, or are expected this evening further confontations in El Ayoun, Smara, Dakhla plus in Tan Tan, Gouilimine and possibly Casablanca
- some 600 additional Moroccan forces are known to be on their way from Sidi Qasem, Gouilimine, Assa, and there is considerable concern over what these may do. The majority of these are thought to be of the auxiliary military forces, and hundreds more are expected in the coming days if the protests continue
- a positive difference between the confrontations in '99 and now is that civilian Moroccan do not seem to be strongly involved in the repression of the demonstrations, and there have been cases of Sahrawi demonstrators actively protecting the houses of Moroccans in order to keep them out of the trouble
- there are no known elements of "encapuchados"/masked militants preparing for attacks on police stations etc like what happened before, but they do not have a full overview of the situation yet
- the activists are now setting up their own provisional clinics in private homes since many of those injured do not dare to go to hospital. The police have been wathching the hospitals and have alledgedly tried to force hospital staff to not treat Sahrawi demonstrators
- the HR activists have intervened several times vsi-a-vis the authorities anfd managed to get acceptance for more careful treatment of the demonstrators, but these agreements have been violated after some hours
- raids in the popular neighbourhoods of Ma'atallah and others have been preceded by a cutting of power and telephone lines
- there have been sightings of the arrival and departure of "morgue vehicles" (typically for the transportation of dead bodies) at the police headquarters during the night
- in yesterday's demonstration in hay Ma'atullah and on "Avenida Daddach" there were approximately 1400 Sahrawi demonstrators
- no international observers are known to be there or on their way, but several Spanish journalists are known to be asking for moroccan authorization to go there in the coming days. Observers are greatly needed, and our correspondents thought they would not get into trouble with the Moroccans since theyt are afraid to get into diplomatic and PR trouble with their respective governments and national media
- the HR activists are weak on photographic material of what's going on and would need more digital cameras and related equipment.[corr.]

>> provisional list of arrests, injured and devastated houses

>> Saharawi President calls the UN Security Council to protect the Saharawi population [full text]

>> Sahrawis talk of "new Intifada" in El Aaiun, afrol News, 25 May 2005
Western Sahara riot met with mass arrests, afrol news, 27.05.05

The latest developments
The latest news is that at this very moment 14:30 of Thursday , May 27 , 2005, there is a violent interference against the Sahrawi university students in Rabat. They are chanting slogans calling for self-determination and independence. They are also expressing their solidarity with the victims of the savage intervention of the Moroccan police in El Ayun.

Now the Moroccan police are breaking into the rooms of Sahrawi female students in Swissi II campus. They are breaking their things  and spoiling everything. Nobody knows how many victims there are.

We, the human rights activists are calling for the protection of the Sahrawi citizens and university students , and we urge the international media to come as soon as possible.The demonstrations are likely to increase also in El Ayun and Smara. [corr.]

The developments of the May Intifada of El Ayun,Western Sahara,
At this very moment 11 30 of Saturday, May 28th,2005, the Moroccan repressive forces are trying a group of Sahrawis that were participating in the demonstrations calling for the right to self6determination and independence in the court of El Ayun.
The human rights activists are now subject to harassment and menace .For example, this morning at 10 00 a.m. Bazaid Essalek, a human right activist and the president of the Committee of the Protection of the Sahrawi Prisoners in the Black Prison in El Ayun was arrested.He has been released after being beaten, insulted and verbally abused. Lakhal Mohamed Salem,El Arbi Massoud and Sbaii Ahmed were violently pushed by the Moroccan police apart from the verbal abuse and insulting while they were trying to support the families of the victims in the court.All the activists are now in front of the court protesting against the deprivation of attending the court and assisting the victims' families.
The Moroccan Association of Human rights,El Ayun branch, was also banned from attending the trial and assisting the victims' families.Its president has also been subject to menace.
The reporter of Al Jazeera,Razzak Abdessalam and his group were banned from filming yesterday's evening in El Ayun while a military helicopter was flying over the main streets and neighborhoods of El Ayun, apart from the massive Moroccan repressive forces.Al Jazeera was also subject to pressure exercised by the Moroccan state in order not to make a 4 minute interview with the human rights activist Aminatou Haidar on the intifada of El Ayun and the victims among the Sahrawis.
Yesterday, a Sahrawi unemployed citizen called Mohamed Faarass was arrested at 17 00 in front of an internet café in the occupied Boujdour.[corr.]

>> Union of Saharawi Journalists and Writers : First Report on the Intifada

>> Saharawi population in El Aaiun receives the international press with demonstrations, SPS, 29.05.05
Morocco charges 33 youths over Western Sahara riots, Reuters SA, 29.05.05
Appeal made to save Saharawis, Michael Haonga, IPP News Tansania, 29.05.05

>> RESUME of days 29 + 30 May, in Spanish + fotos of 2 victims

>> At the moment 20 h30 of Monday, May 30th, 2005 there are conflicts in Lamsalla camp in Smara street in El Ayun, Western Sahara. The Moroccan police are interfering very brutally with no exception to old people, children or women. All of them are severely persecuted.
In the afternoon, exactly at 17 00, there was a cruel interference against the Sahrawi students in Agadir and Marrakesh. The arrest of Sahrawi students in both cities is still continuing up to now.
The student  campuses  and their houses are being broken into. Dozens of wounded and arrested students have been reported in apreliminary list.
In The Dignity Square in front of Negjir hotel is now in a complete blockade. The houses in El Porko neighbourhood are being broken into. Up to now 9 Sahrawis have been kidnapped today from this neighbourhood, but the list is not over.
New Moroccan security forces and Gendarmes Royales agents are continuing to arrive to El Ayun in order to persecute the intifada.[corr.]

In the morning of Tuesday, May 31, 2005,a group of CMI, Companie Mobile d'Intervention, went to the occupied Smara, a city 220 kilometers east of El Ayun, to assist the Moroccan repressive forces that are going to oppress the peaceful sit-in in Smara in the afternoon.
In a preliminary list, a group of 24 Sahrawi students have been arrested up to last night. In Agadir, 17 Sahrawi students have been arrested, but non-confirmed information talks about 44 arrested cases up to this morning.
The Sahrawi students in Marrakesh and Agadir spent last night in the streets for fear that they would be arrested by the Moroccan security agents which were breaking into the students` houses and their university campuses. The arrest and the breaking into the houses is still continuing.
Up to now, we have been informed of 12 injured cases in Agadir, while the list of the wounded Sahrawi students learning in Marrakesh is not yet limited.
Yesterday at Midday, there was harassment of the international journalists coming to cover the Intifada. Their names Antonio Baquero, correspondent of El Periodico, Carla Fibla, the correspondent of La Vanguardia and Pepe Carriga, reporter of Television de Cataluya.[corr.]

Polisario calls for UN action on Western SaharPolisario calls for UN action on Western Sahara, Daily Star of Libanon/AFP, 30.05.05
The 5-Minute Briefing: Trouble in Western Sahara, By Anne Penketh, Independent, 31 May 2005
Polisario asks world to intervene after what it calls repression by Morocco, IRIN news, 31.05.05
Western Sahara: The Intifada You Haven't Heard About, Infoshop News/Oread daily, 01.06.05

The Latest Developments
Wednesday, June 1st, 2005.
There was a sit-in  in Smara this morning organized by the mothers and families of arrested Sahrawi students in Agadir, Marrakesh and Rabat. The Moroccan repressive forces have interfered brutally and injured the following Sahrawi citizens; Salka Daghech, Fatimatou Khatri Elkaihal, Mlaiwiha Barka, Raghia Boujemaa, Cheikh Elwadnouni, Nguia Mohamed Ali Boukherss and Elghalia Abdelkader.

The Moroccan authorities arrested Baiba Moulay Bellahi, a handicapped Sahrawi  citizen because he participated in the Smara sit-in and was holding slogans calling for self-determination and independence. Baiba Moulay Bellahi, who has both legs cut, was arrested together with his wheelechair.

In Tantan, south of Morocco, there was a sit-in organized by Sahrawi citizens chanting pro-polisario slogans and call for the life of Mohammed Abdelaziz and the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic. The following people were arrested this morning; Mohammed El Aasri, Najem Bouya, Lahcen Lafquir and Hamma Bouamoud. The arrest of Sahrawis is still continuing in Tantan.

In Marrakesh, the Sahrawi civil-servant, Khaddad Asfari, was arrested this morning from his office in Mohamed V street, number  158. He is accused of taking Sahrawi university students in his car these few recent days. He is now being questioned together with 16 students in the police center in Marrakesh.[corr.]

>> RESUME of days 31 May + 1. June, in Spanish + photos from Dakhla

>> The President of the Republic calls Moroccan elite to "take the challenge of peace" 02.06.05 [full text SPS]

>> RESUME of 02 + 03 June, Spanish

>> Saharawi Journalists and Writers Union (UPES). Press Release, 03.06.05 [Journalis expelled]

>> 'INTIFADA' Erupts in Western Sahara, War on Want

04.06.05 News

>> Morocco sends Spain delegation home. Al, Qatar -06.06.05
Morocco turns back Spanish group from W. Sahara, Reuters 06.06.05
Morocco stops 'pro-separatist' Spaniards entering Western Sahara, BBC/MAP 05.06.05

08.06.05: Letter of Ali Salem Tamek to the European Parliament Members

08.06.05: Morocco refuses again the visit to Western Sahara of delegation of 4 deputees of Catalonia.
Spanish MPs barred from W Sahara , BBC News, 09.06.05

>>Declaration from the Intergroup "Friends of the Saharawi People" of the European Parlament, 08.06.05

>> Spain offers to unlock situation in Western Sahara , Middle East Online , 10.06.05

10.06.05: Manifestation in El Ayoun - The families of the arrested people during the riots claim for their liberation and protest against the planned arbitrary processes. The claim also for self-determination. >> PHOTOS: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] [16]

Dozens persons were injured and many arrested during demonstrations in Dakhla.

>> Spain offers to unlock situation in Western Sahara , Middle East Online , 10.06.05

>> Saharawis demand detainees' release,, Saturday 11 June 2005

Report on the intifada, 12.06.05 AFAPREDESA

11.06.05: Declarations of Mohamed Abdelaziz in Algiers
Sahara Press Service, 11.06.05
Polisario calls for peaceful solution for W.Sahara, Reuters 11.06.05

12.06.05: A Saharawi citizen called Lfghraoui/Elfaqrawi, Sidi Mohammed Ould Taleb, aged 19, resident of Daddach Street in the Maâtalla district has been tortured on the night of Saturday 11/12 June 2005 by a GUS group (Urban Security Group) led by Commissioner Ichi Aboulhassan before the eyes of Saharawi citizens in the centre of El Ayoun.  After having run away, police pursued him to a building, they threw him off the roof of the building. He is now in Belmehdi hospital in a very critical condition suffering from fractures to his hands and feet and back. His family is not allowed to see him.

In another incident, families of Saharawi political detainees arrested in the course of recent events have been forbidden to visit their relatives in the Black Prison of El Ayoun since last Tuesday, knowing that there are among the detainees a dozen in a serious state following torture.

Adjunct/urgent appeal : «Lfghraoui/Elfaqrawi, suffers from serious health conditions, which is intensified by the "public" hospital's doctors refusing to cure him until his family pays 10500 Moroccan dhs (1500 Euro), which is illegal as he is still under the police control as a prisoner.
Therefore, the human rights activists appeal to the humanitarian associations and NGOs, the International Red Cross and Doctors without Borders to urgently intervene to contribute in his medical cure, as the Moroccan authorities refused to do so.»

13.06.05: Manoeuvres of the governor and a sheikh from Smara ASPS

El Ayun, June 14, 2005 at 15:05.
«The Moroccan repressive forces have started to get out this morning in El Ayun in order to oppress the peaceful sit-in that is going to take place this afternoon.The objective of the sit-in is to denounce the savage torture that Souidi Elfaqrawi, 20 years old, was subjected to on Saturday, June 11, 2005 at night. Ekfaqrawi is in a very critical situation in Hassan Belmehdi hospital in El Ayun since last Sunday, June 12. The torturers were the Urban Security Group agents , especially their chief-officer, Aboulhassan Ichi.
The sit-in is planned to take place at about 17:30. The Moroccan forces have already filled El Ayun streets especially, Smara street in front of the stadium, near Moumad cafe, beside Tichka cafe, and Alaska cafe, Dadach street, Skaikima street,  Maatalla district, Al Inaach district, Dcheira Square, El karama Square, etc.There are auxiliary forces trucks, the Urban Security Group (GUS) different cars and vans, Mobile Companies of Intervention( CMI) limosines, and the "National" Police cars, apart from various walking agents with bruncheons in their hands in all these places.» [corr.]
LATER: «The sit-in was attacked by the Moroccan forces as it started. As soon as the demonstrators in Maatalla district started to chant pro-independence slogans , they were dispersed by the GUS agents and one of them was arrested. The Sahrawi demonstrators were violently treated, some women were clapped on faces while the others were chased by the agents .
It is worth-mentioning that different sorts of the Moroccan forces, among them were "les gendarmes Royales" for the first time in El Ayoun during the Intifada days, were omnipresent and extremely alert, especially in the afternoon and evening.
A new kind of repressive forces wearing black anti-bullets waistcoats, black military caps and  holding bruncheons were stopping Sahrawis in Smara street and Maatalla neighbourhood and threaten them in order to leave the place. The Sahrawi citizen, Elfaqrawi Sidi's house was sieged by security forces in the afternoon in order not to leave anybody to leave or get into the house.
Dadach street was completely occupied by all sorts of Moroccan forces, the GUS, the auxiliary forces, the police and some Moroccan inspectors and officials. People were banned from visiting any family or walk into the street all the afternoon and evening.» [corr.]

16.06.05: Journalists working in Western Sahara face assaults, arrests and harassment, Reporters Without Borders

17.06.05: Escalation of violence - HR defenders hurt
Manifestations at El Ayoun: in the morning, Inach district, in commemoration of the
Zemla massacre, (17.06.1970 Spanish Legion opened fire against demonstating people). The GUS once more dispersed the crowd with great brutality. The Commander himself, Abbou Hassan, was beating demonstrators.
In the evening the Human Rights activits organised another manifestation which was violently attaqued . Lidri Elhoucine and the 2 former diasppeared ladies Aminatou Haidar and Fatma Fatma Ayach were brutally beaten.[see
picture of Aminatou Haidar, now at the hospital]
In Marrakech yesterday a student of the faculty of Law was captured by secret services and tortured. His friends organised a sit-in of protest. He was released this evening. [corr.] Add: two other HR defenders, Moutik Elhoussine and H'mad Hamad were also severely beaten when they tried to visit the victims in the hospital.
>> more on SPS of
17.06 and 18.06.05
Report from local contact
photos of victims
>> more photos of victims [
CdS] + newspress [1] [2]
Communiqué du Collectif des Défenseurs des Droits de l'Homme Sahraouis «Territoires Occupés du Sahara Occidental», 18.06.05

19.06.05: A third delegation of Spanish politicians is expelled as arriving to El Ayoun airport.
An Urgent appeal, from The Sahrawi human rights activists

20.06.05: An Open Letter to the Swedish Government and People, Ali Salem Tamek

An Urgent Appealto the Doctors Without Borders Organization from Sahrawi Human Rights Activists, El Ayun, Western Sahara
News of the day

21.07.05: The families of the Saharawi human rights activists detained by Moroccan forces of repression

22.06.05: Justice must begin with torture inquiries , AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL Public Statement, AI Index: MDE 29/003/2005

Many wounded in a Saharawi demonstration in Assa [SPS]
A Saharawi student kidnapped from a University in Marrakech [SPS]
Confrontations resumed between Saharawis and Moroccan authorities in El Aaiun [SPS]
University administration destroys Saharawi students' rooms in Casablanca [SPS]

23.06.05: Letter of 104 European Parlament members to Kofi Annan.[Subject: Violations of Human Rights in Western Sahara]

23.06.05: First sentences

26.06.05: Delegation from Andalucia expelled at the El Ayoun airport

General Lists of victims of the confrontation in El Aaiun, Agadir, Rabat, Marrakech, etc (WSO)

27.06.05: Demonstrations at Dakhla + photos

International Campaign for the Liberation of Aminatou Haidar and all Saharawi Political Prisoners

28.06.05: Appeal to the Norwegian Government to put pressure on Morocco by the Norwegian The Rafto Foundation and 12 norwegian NGOs

30.06.05: Report on the trial of June 28 of 3 young demoantrators

30.06.05: Statement of Enhedslisten Danmark

30.06.05: Letter of US Western Sahara Foundation to Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice.

01.07.05: Australian Section of International Commission of Jurists (ICJ) calls for an end to human rights abuses in Western Sahara by Morocco, Media Release.

04.07.05: The Human Rights activist Allal Latif has been arrested by members of the Police Judiciaire and DST, in the evening at El Ayoun. He carried in his car members of a Norwegian delegation of HR organisations among them the president of the Rafto Foundation Mr Arne Lynngård. The delegation plans to assist as observers to the trial on 5th of July of 16 Saharawis arrested during the demonstration of last month.

The trial was postponed to July12.

05.07.05: Norwegian Delegation was expelled see Press release I by the Norwegian Support Committee for Western Sahara, 05.07.05
Press release II by the Norwegian Support Committee for Western Sahara, 05.07.05
>> the delegation
Norwegian delegation deported from Western Sahara, DPA. July 5, 2005

Testimony of Latif Allal, 07.07.05.

 06.07.05: Lettre from the F.Polisario Representation to Europe to Javier Solana,Secretary-General of the Council of the EU,High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP)

07.07.05: 178 Members of the European Parlament support the International Campaign for the liberation of AMINATOU HAIDAR and of all Saharawi political prisoners

11.07.05: Human rights  activist seeking shelter in "Casa de Espana" in El Ayun arrested by police

12.07.05: Moroccan Court sentence 15 Sahrawi Political Prisoners to 58 years imprisonment

13.07.05: Hmad Hammad released on bail after 3 days in the Black Prison.
13.07.05: Delegation from Bask Country expelled at El Ayoun airport

18.07.05: Ali Salem Tamek arrested

19.07.05: Where is Ali Salem Tamek ?

19.07.05: Demonstrations in Assa, El Ayoun and Dakhla
U.S. Committee for the release of Saharawi political Prisoners:
Freedom of Expression will not be silenced in Western Sahara
Appeal of the Chairwoman of US Western Sahaara Foundation.

20.07.05: Arrest of 2 Saharawi HR activists in Casablanca and 3 others in El Ayoun.

20.07.05: Declaration of the president of the intergroup of the European Parlament

21.07.05: Press release from HR activist Western Sahara

21.07.05: At 19:30  GMT,  the inhabitants of the Kharatoria district gathered in front of the  Judicial Police center , P.J, where three Sahrawi activists were sequestered, and who were abducted on July 20, 2005: Noumria Brahim, Larbi Massoud and Lidri El houcine. The demonstrators called for the liberation of the Sahrawi political prisoners about them some  human rights activists, to demand the opening of an investigation about the savage intervention of the Moroccan authorities against the Sahrawi civil population , the judgement of the Moroccan torturers responsible for the systematic violations of human rights in the occupied territories and to call for the Sahrawi people's autodetermination. The Moroccan authorities did not hesitate to  to intervene in a savage manner as usual, beating and maltreatin, which caused several injuried victims. At about 20:00 of  the same day Smara street has witnessed   the mobilisation of more 300 agents of the Urban Security Group in order to frighten the Sahrawi citizens. [corr.]

22.07.05: Police burst into the houses of Noumria Brahim at El Ayoun and M. Elmoutaoikil at Casablanca and confiscated some personal documents. [corr.]

23.07.05: Hungerstrike of the Saharawi political prisoners in the jails of El Ayoun (WS), Tiznit, Ait Melloul, Kenitra ( Morocco) to protest against the arrests and summary trials of HR activists and for the liberation of all Saharawi political prisoners. Sit-in of one hour in the Black Prison to support the arrested HR defenders.[corr.]
23.07.05: The 5 HR activists, arrested on20.07.05, were presented to the procureur of the tribunal penal of El Ayoun, who released MOHAMED FADEL GAOUDI and transfered MOHAMED ELMOUTAOIKIL, BRAHIM NOUMRIA, LIDRI HOSSEIN and LAARBI MESOUD to the examining magistrate at the same court.
Brahim Noumria and Lidri Hossein faced mistreatment and torture during several hours of interrogation at the HQ of CMI. [corr.]
Statement of the Collective of Saharawi Human Rights Defenders in the Occupied Territories of Western Sahara, 23.07.05

25.07.05: Press release of the Saharawi human rights activists
Press Release from Aminatou Haidar, Prison number 26 232

27.07.05: Who will be the first to break the wall of silence on the Western Sahara? press release of Western Sahara Campaign UK

27.07.05: Testimony on a Case of Detention and Disappearance: Lidri Hussein

28.07.05: 5 demonstrators sentence in the court of appeal in El Ayun

28.07.05: Report on the Abduction and Arrest of a Group of the Sahrawi Human Rights Activists on July 20, 2005

Aminatou Haidar calls on US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice, 26.07.05

29.07.05: US Congressman denounces Moroccan human rights violations in Western Sahara.

29.07.05: Press release from Aminatou Haidar - starts hunger strike.

01.08.05: Statement by Amnesty international: Morocco/Western Sahara: New arrests and allegations of torture of Sahrawi human rights defenders.

01.08.05: The Sahrawi activists deported from El Ayun

02.08.05: Saharawi political prisoners start a hunger strike in protest against the abduction of 5 of their compatriots [SPS]

03.08.05: Appeal judgment at El Ayoun of

  •  Hassanna Elhairech , 19 years, arrest. 25.05.05, condemned to 20 years of prison on 28.06.05
  • Bouamoud Ahmed Salem, 18 years, arrest. 25.05.05, condemned to 15 years of prison on 28.06.05
  • Daoudi Omar , 31 años, arrest. 25.05.05, condemned to 15 years of prison on 28.06.05
  • see results

Dakhla: trial of Ahmed HAMMIA

Biographic records of Mohamed Elmoutaoikil, Brahim Noumria, Messaoud Laarbi, Lidri Elhoucein, Ali Salem Tamek (PDF)

02.08.05: Tamek begins a hungerstrike [press release]

Testimony of Ali Salem Tamek, July 2005
Testimony of Brahim Noumria, 01.08.05
Testimony of Massoud Elarbi, 28.07.05

08.08.05: Letter of Ali Salem Tamek to the members of the US Congress

08.08.05: Illimitated hungerstrike of the Saharawi political prisoners

09.08.05: Arrest of Hmad Hamad, he was injured after the demonstrations of 17.06.05, arrested on 11.07.05 at the Spanish center of El Ayoun and set free provisionally after 48 hours.

10.08.05: Hmad Hamad, arrested on 09.08 has ben transfered to the Black Jail of El Ayoun. 2 other demonstrators, arrested on August 8 in the city of El Ayoun have been imprisoned : Bal-la Mohamed and Chteioui Mahayaoub
10.08.05: The court of Dakhla condemned
Hamia Ahmed Mousa to 2 month of prison and 1000 Dh .

12.08.05: Sit-in of the families of the political prisoners at Casablanca (photos)

12.08.05: Statement of the lawyers of the political prisoners

15.08.05: Second sit-in of the families of the political prisoners at Casablanca, police intervention (photos)
15.08.05: Demonstration for the liberation of the political prisoners in El Ayoun and arrest of 3 minors: Rifaai Naama Ould Lehbib (10 years), Bouden Brahim Laaroussi (13 years ) et son petit frère Bouden Oumar Laaroussi (8 years ).

16.08.05: Ilegal transfer. The two prisoners Baba El Aarabi and Elhafed Toubali, condemned to 4 years of prison last week and participating to a hunger strike, have been transfered from Black Prison of El Ayoun to an unknown destination. [0n 19.08.05 its known that tghey are in Ait Melloul prison near Agadir]

>> News of 17-19.08.05 only in french

19.08.05: The Moroccan attorney in El Ayun put the Sahrawi citizen, Amidan Elouali/Amaydaan Elwali in the Black Prison in El Ayun. He is in terrible health conditions because of the the barbarous torture he went through while being under custody in the Judicial Police center since August 16. He was savagely tortured by a group of wellknown Moroccan torturers in El Ayunamong them Abdelhaq Rabii.
Amidan Elouali‚s right leg and neck were injured. The iron sticks put during a medical operation earlier got out which caused him a lot of pain. The latest news coming from the Black Prison says he is in a very critical situation and that he cannot walk relying on himself.[corr.]

22.08.05: Hunger strike of the Saharawi political prisoners - 14th day: 8 detenees are transfered to the hospital because of the deterioration of their health status.

23.08.05: Prohibition of The Moroccan Association of Human Rights delegation from visiting the Sahrawi political prisoners in the Black Prison in El Ayun, Western Sahara.[from local corr.]    
The Moroccan authorities in El Ayun, Western Sahara  still go on  prohibiting the international ( Spanish, Norwegian ...) and even the Moroccan humanitarian delegations and committees to  investigate in the continuous atrocities perpetrated by the Moroccan  state in the occupied territories of the Western Sahara.
On August 23, 2005 the Moroccan authorities represented in the headmaster of the Black Prison  in El Ayun, Western Sahara, prohibited a delegation of the most well-known Moroccan Association of Human Rights from visiting the Sahrawi Human rights defenders, Aminatou Haidar and Hmad Hammad, and the other Sahrawi political prisoners in the Black Prison in El Ayun. The headmaster said he had received orders from Rabat not to allow the delegation members to see the Sahrawi prisoners who are now in their 15th day of the open-ended hunger strike since August 09, 2005.
Maria Charaf, a female activist and member of the delegation, was also banned from seeing Aminatou Haidar in a personal way, as they know each other very well.
The delegation consisted of the following members:

  1. Maria Charaf
  2. Beyoub Mohamed
  3. Ben Abdesalam Abdelilah
  4. Hammoud Iguilid
  5. Said Ben Hamman
  6. Mohamed Tarik
  7. Mustafa Elmordi.

23.08.05: The hunger strike is still continuing in the prisons in El Ayun, Ait Melloul and Casablanca - D15 [from local corr.] 
On August 22, 2005 Bouchama Ennaffaa, El Janhi Lakhlifa and Elhoucine Ndour, who were transported to Belmehdi hospital in El Ayun. In the hospital they were subject to all kinds of pressure in order to stop their hunger strike. They were all taken back to the Black Prison except Elhoucine Ndour whose right hand had been broken because of the savage torture he had been subjected to while in custody. His hand was badly infected and may have to be cut off if not enough care is given to it by the hospital doctors, according to his family.
On August 23, 2005, the Sahrawi political prisoner, Hassana Elmakki, was also taken at about 11:00 from the Black Prison to Belmehdi hospital in an awful condition in order to take the necessary medical treatment. He was astonished by a group of Moroccan doctors and secret service agents who put pressure on him to stop his hunger strike, but he strongly refused, which made them return him to the prison in the same terrible condition.

24.08.05: The testimony of the Sahrawi political prisoner Mohamed Elmoutaoikil's wife
SOS from the prisoners mothers

25.08.05: The king' attorney in El Ayun calls the Sahrawi political prisoners to break their hunger strike
On August 25 , 2005 in the Black Prison in El Ayun, Western Sahara, the king's attorney convoqued the Sahrawi political prisoners to negotiate with him. Because of their bad health conditions they refused. However, the prison administration ordered some non-political prisoners to take them on their backs to the administration office.
The attorney said that he will accept all their demands except two: "the raise of the military and security siege on the Western Sahara" and " the cancel of the sentences on the Sahrawi political prisoners and human rights activists".
The prisoners replied that their only spokesman is Ali Salem Tamek, who is in the local prison of Ait Melloul, Morocco, he is the only one who has the right to negotiate on the hunger strikers' demands. The hungerstrikers fear that the Moroccan authorities push them to break the hungerstrike without keeping their promise of catering for the prisoners' demands.[corr.]
>> pictures of Tamek at Aït Melloul prison:
[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [5] [7] [8] [9] [10]

The Moroccan Association for Human Rights, (AMDH- in French) called on Rabat to open a dialogue with the Saharawi political prisoners undertaking a hunger strike, to save their lives and condemn the Moroccan authorities for having forbidden the Association from visiting some of the prisoners in El Aaiun, reports a press release by the AMDH, published in August 24th, [SPS]

28.08.05: Pro-independence demonstrations
At about 19 :00 GMT, there was a demonstration in Foum Elouad, the beach of El Ayun which is 25 kilometres far from the city. The protest manifestation lasted about two hours; the protestors chanted slogans calling for self-determination and independence of the Western Sahara, and condemning the indeference of the Moroccan state concerning the Sahrawi political prisoners‚ demands. They also called for the lift of the military and media siege on the occupied territories of the Western Sahara. Meanwhile, a big Saharwi flag was brandished on electricity wires in the location of the demonstration. The Moroccan authorities could not remove the Sahrawi flag unless after about an hour and a half. No violent intervention by the Moroccan forces was reported although there was a kind of "power" display in the main street in Foum Elouad intending to frighten Sahrawi citizens.[corr.]

29.08.05: Morocco's leading independent human rights group AMDH called on the government to start talks to try to end a hunger strike by prisoners from the Western Sahara who demand better jail conditions.>> more

30.08.05: News



31.08.05: Prohibition of the Sahrawi political prisoners families to visit their sons in the Black Prison
On August 31, 2005, at about 17:00 the Urban Security Forces in El Ayun, headed by Abou Hassan Ichi forbad the Sahrawi political prisoners' families from seeing their sons, on an open-ended hunger strike, on its 23rd day. Only two families were allowed to get into the prison: The family of Bel-la Mohamed and of Hassanna Elhairache‚. But they refused in solidarity with the other families.
The Moroccan forces interfered violently to disperse the prisoners‚ relatives who protested against this illegal prohibition. Many protesters were injured:

To mention that 25 police cars were surrounding the Black Prison. After the violent intervention they chased the Sahrawi families in the main city streets, especially Makka street.
Thus, the Moroccan repressive forces landed on Maatalla district, Makka street, Daddach street and all the ways from and to Smara street in order to prevent any possible protest act. [corr.]

01.09.05: Press Release Finnish Friends of Western Sahara : Finnish minister urges EU action in Western Sahara [Suomi: Ei unohdeta Länsi-Saharaa by Erkki Tuomioja, 25.08.05]

01.09.05: SOLIDARITY with the political prisoners in hungerstrike since 23 DAYS
24 hours Hungerstrike in the Saharawi refuge camps
24 hours Hungerstrike of the Saharawi journalists and writers
24 hours Hungerstrike of the Saharawi community in France

01.09.05: News of 31.08 and 01.09.05

03.09.05: A group of Sahrawi political prisoners refuse to have water and sugar in a clear challenge to the Moroccan state pressures

03.09.05: News from the Sahrawi political prisoners and human rights activists in Oukacha Prison in Casablanca - 25th day of hunger strike - health deterioration

Press release of the lawyers, representing the defence.

04.09.05: In an open letter Ali Salem Tamek blames the sielnce conspiracy of the Moroccan political class [full text SPS]

05.09.05: President Mohamed Abdelaziz asks the president of the AU Commission for intervention in favour of the liberation of the Saharawi political prisoners
HR activist Hmad Hammad calls on Spanish Prime Minister to intervene for the Saharawi political prisoners
News from hunger strike and demonstrations at Asrir and El Ayoun

08.09.05: Latest news >> more
Resolution on the arresting, torture and mistreatment of Ms Aminatou Haidar and other Saharwi political prisoners by the Parliamentary Group of the Left Party of Sweden.

11.09.05: The Moroccan Organisation for Human Rights (OMDH- in French), the Moroccan Association for Human Rights (AMDH- in French), the Forum Truth and Justice (FVJ-in French) and the Moroccan Prisons Watch, addressed a joint letter to the Moroccan Minister of Justice asking for permission to visit the 37 Saharawi political prisoners, who are undertaking a hunger strike in Moroccan cells. [SPS]

11.09.05: News [with pictures demo Assa]

12.09.05: News

13.09.05: Eight US Congressmen and a Senator urge Moroccan Government to respect human rights in Western Sahara [SPS]
15.09.05: US Congreswoman writes to the Moroccan PM demanding the releae of the Saharawi political prisoners

14.09.05: News
The "Collective of the Saharawi human rights' Defenders in the Occupied Territories of Western Sahara" addressed a letter to the UN Secretary General and the 15 permanent of the UN Security Council's member States.

16.09.05: Photos from the Black Prison of El Ayoun

16.09.05: Photos of Lahcen Zraiguinat, Saharawi political prisoner, at home, after more than 1 month of hungerstrike: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10]

16.09.05: Statement of the Moroccan Human Rights Association (AMDH): Fasting Sahara prisoners taken to hospital. Reuters

16.09.05: News

17.09.05: News

18.09.05: News

19.09.05: News --> pictures of 2 injured HR activists
Letter of the Human Rights Group of the Parlament of Finland to Moroccan Prime Minister

20.09.05: Hunger strikers to be moved, News24, (SA) 20/09/2005

19/20.09.05: News

21.09.05: Appeal of the families of the political prisoners
UN looking into Western Sahara hunger strikers, Irwin Arieff, Reuters

22.09.05: News

23.09.05: News

24.09.05: An explanatory statement from Ali Salem Tamek, spokesman on behalf of the Sahrawi political prisoners going on hunger strike.
Letter to the Personal Representative of the UN Secratary General for Western Sahara by the the Saharawi Human Rights activists, 21.09.05

--> LETTER to my brothers, sons of my Sahrawi people, Human Rights Activists, prisoners of opinion, ... by K.E.H., a Saharawi woman.

News of 20-26.09.05

News of 27-28.09.05

29.09.05: Saharawi prisoners end hunger strike after 51 days

30.09.05: Press release of the Saharawi Journalists' and Writers' Union (UPES)

05.10.05: NEWS

07.10.05: As a result of the claims of the political prisoners, the Moroccan authorities have transfered the prisoners from Casablanca (MOHAMED ELMOUAOIKIL, BRAHIM NOUMRIA, HOSSEIN LIDRI Y LARBI MESOUD and from Ait Melloul (ALI SALEM TAMEK) to the Black Prison of El Ayoun.

08.10.05: The Instance "Equité et Réconciliation" unveils secret mass graves and the names of fifty victims deceased in secret jails (most of them Sahrawi disapeared or political prisoners of the years 1970-80). The contacted families claim for clear proofs of identities (DNA analysis), official death certificates, the reconaissance by the Moroccan state of its responsibility and the the hand over of the des mortal remains to the families to be buried near their home as well as indemnisations.

11-12.10.05: 14 prisoners interrogated by the examining magistrate

13.10.05: Bloody repression in Boujdour --> pictures

13.10.05: Arrest of Daha Rahmouni by the police force in El Ayoun. Rahmouni Dahha, militant of human rights, ex-political prisoner, is founder member of the Saharawi Association of  victims of the violations of the humans right committed by the Moroccan State, founded on last 11 May. [left on the picture] He was released next day after several hours of interogations.

14.10.05: News of 12.-13.10.05

17.10.05: Violent intervention against peceful sit-in in El Ayun A peaceful  protest sit-in was organised  on monday at about 16 :45 in front of the Black Prison in El Ayun. The sit-in took place as a reaction to the Moroccan authorities' ban of the families' visit to the Sahrawi political prisoners and activists. The Sahrwai citizens who were waiting in front of the Black Prison since 13 :30 to visit the political prisoners were very angry for being hindered of doing so.
Thus, at about 16 :45 they started chanting pro-independence slogans, calling the Moroccan colonial forces to pull out of the Western Sahara. The Morooccan repressive forces intervened immediately, beating some Sahrawi young people and women. Many Sahrawis were chased in the streets and roads of El Massira district. Tthree young boys were taken to the judicial police center in 24 November street, savagely maltreated, interrogated and then released: Danfour Ahmed Salem, Saadi Mohamed Ali and Limam Barbouchi. --> pictures

Publication of an important Report on the events since May 2005 by the Moroccan HR Association AMDH --> french
original arabic

Report of the examination committee of the OMDH (Moroccan Organization for Human Rights) concerning the events of Laayoune.

19.10.05: Political prisoners resume hungerstrike

21.10.05: News - Demonstrations at schools in El Ayun + pictures

28.10.05: NEWS /--> Photos demonstrations at schools of El Ayoun 

30.10.05: The First martyr of the intifada of independence , killed by police - demonstrations etc
updates, reactions, media...

03.-05.11.05: NEWS in french or spanish

13.-14.11.05: Big demonstrations - Very hard repression in El Ayoun Photos

22.11.05: Trial of 14 political prisoners among them 7 HR defenders

23.11.05: The authorities transfered 72 prisoners from the Black prisontoward other jails inside Moroccos, among them the Saharawis Hadi Cherif and Mohamed El Fak. This measure, following other transfers and quick new painting of prison walls, is supposed to better the situation in this overcrowded and unhealthy jail (revealed by impressiongs photos last september) in prevision of probable foreign visites.

24.11.05: Amnesty international Report AI Index: MDE 29/008/2005- Sahrawi human rights defenders under attack.

27.11.05: The HR activist and former deported professor SIDI SAYELI has been arrested and detained during the night of 26 november by the Moroccan police and submitted to interrogatories and torture at the office of the PJ of El Ayoun.

28.11.05: Amnesty international Public Statement AI Index: MDE 29/009/2005 - Human rights defenders on trial.

30.11.05: Trial postponed

02.12.05: Access to Sahrawi sites blocked within Morocco Reporters without borders, 2 December 2005,

06.12.05: Trial postponed

03.12.05: Manifestations at Tantan after death of a Saharawi citizen. [SPS]

08/09.12.05: Manifestations in Boujdour [SPS]

09.12.05: Letter to King Mohammed VI on the Trial of Sahrawi Human Rights Defenders in the Western Sahara, Human Rights Watch,

10.12.05: Morocco/Western Sahara: Activists Need Fair Trial, Press Statement of Human Rights Watch.

10.12.05: M. Abdelaziz writes to UN SG Kofi Annan [SPS]

10.12.05: Trial of the 14 HR defenders

16.12.05: Very large manifestations in El Ayoun with many injured and arrested citizen: Hundreds of people gathered carrying SADR flags and At noon, hundreds of Saharawi citizens joined the manifestation of the students of the schools named El Khansa and Mansour Eddhabi, with SADR flags and repeating slogans hostile to the Moroccan occupation and in favour of the freedom and peace for the Saharawi people. The Moroccan response was quick. An impressive military and security arsenal was deployed, composed of contingents of Urban Security Groups (GUS) and Auxiliary Forces (FA), Mobile Companies of Intervention (CMI), the Royal Gendarmerie (GR), from the Department of Territorial Surveillance (DST), reinforced by elements from the Royal Army Forces (FAR) in plain clothes, armed to the teeth with truncheons, firearms and tear gas canisters.
A provisional count has 64 people detained, dozens people wounded and a dozen of houses ransacked. -->
see reports french or spanish and photos 1 + photos 2, --> 4 arrested and wounded women

20.12.05: Reporters Without Borders / Internet Freedom desk: Morocco puts US censorship busting site on its black list
The Moroccan government has blocked US website that allows Internet-users to get round censorship, days after Reporters Without Borders recommended its use to access Sahrawi websites. These websites, promoting independence for Western Sahara, have been censored since the beginning of December (-->

09.01.06: The court of appeal was put off to January 24, 2006. After the first delay to January 09,2006. The defense called for the delay because of the inconvenience of time and the absence of the majority of lawyers.

The Sahrawis are now impatiently awaiting the release of Aminatou Haidar in a week time.

17.01.06: Aminatou Haidar is free

News of weeks 05-06/2006 (occupied territories)

News of weeks 07-08/2006 (occupied territories)

News of weeks 09-10/2006 (occupied territories)

News of weeks 11-12/2006 (occupied territories)

Report on Human Rights violations ( March 20 - 27, 2006) --> Photos from Smara

Declaration by Amnesty International, Sahrawi human rights defender on trial, 03.04.06

04.04.06: Trial of 17 Saharawi HR defenders and political prisoners, El Ayoune (french or spanish)

News of weeks 13-14/2006 (occupied territories)

22.04.06: Morocco to free Western Sahara prisoners

News of weeks 15-16/2006 (occupied territories)

27.04.06: Reception of the liberated prisoners at Assa + PHOTOS

News of weeks 17-18/2006 (occupied territories)

Front Line Western Sahara Mission report (3rd and 10th of May 2006.)

Human rights defenders defy repression in Western Sahara, Frontline, 11.05.06

Visit of the MISSION of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, 14.05. - 23.05.06

Sahrawi Population in Occupied Laayoune receives the he UN Fact-Finding Mission with peaceful demonstrations and national flags 17.05.06

Saharawi detainee burned by Moroccan police with benzine, SPS 28.05.06
Manifestations and arrests, SPS 30.05.06

Urgent appeal: Monday 26.06.06 - Proces under false accusations against Sabbar, Haddi Sidi Moh. Elkainan and Haddi Saleh.

Political prisoners on hungerstrike, 01.06.06

Manifestation El Ayoun of 09.06.06 --> Photos --> video 1 --> video 2

Front Line Western Sahara Mission report (3rd and 10th of May 2006.)

Human rights defenders defy repression in Western Sahara, Frontline, 11.05.06

Urgent appeal: Monday 26.06.06 - Proces under false accusations against Sabbar, Haddi Sidi Moh. Elkainan and Haddi Saleh.

Letter of Aminatou Haidar to the President of the European Parliament, 26.06.06

Judgments of June 27 2006 - Sabbar, Elkainan, Haddi

Update ASVDH June 27 2006

New Images of Burned young Saharawi Saidi Salek

Interview of H'mad Hammad to Alam, Mauritania, SPS 16.07.06
original arabic

20.07.06: Limam SABBAR, brother of Brahim Sabbar, detained, expelled : 20 July 2006, ASVDH
20.07.06: Sahrawi abducted, tortured, held incommunicado for almost a month by Moroccan agents,

21.7.06: Report from the Sahrawi Committee for the Defense of Human Rights in Smara, Western Sahara, June 2006
Three new Sahrawi political prisoners, ASVDH.
04.09.06: Hungerstrike of 29 Saharawi Political Prisoners

Aminatou Haidar' visit to Washington
, SPS 14.09.06
Praised and lauded by US Officials, NGOs
, Sahara update 15.09.06

19.09.06: Judgments

see also Weekly news ( August-September)

Two Norwegian journalists turned back on arrival in El Aaiún, Reporters Without Borders (RSF) 25.10.06

Open letter to the Moroccan government by 31 Norwegian organisations: Appeal for the return of passport to Mr. Sidi Mohammed Daddach, Western Sahara. 02.11.06

Amnesty international: Release Western Saharan Human Rights Defender Brahim Sabbar, --> online action center

The latest news of the intifada now on the blog Sahara Libre , ASVDH and SPS

Provisional list of the Saharawi political prisoners updated


Photos El Ayoun, 17.05.06 --> + de photos (ou album}
VIDEO 17.05.06

Photos of the reception of the liberated prisoners at Assa, 27.04.06

Photos of the reception of the liberated prisoners M. El Moutawakil and Lidri Houcine at Assa, 29.03.06

Photos of the manifestation in Smara for the liberation of the prisoner Alotmani Loud and victims of police brutality, 27.03.06 .

Photos of the funeral of Hamdi Lembarki, 14.01.06 [+ Photos] [video]

Photos of the manifestation in Assa 02.01.06

Photos 2 of the manifestation in El Ayoun, 16.12.05

Photos 1 of the manifestation in El Ayoun, 16.12.05

Photos of the manifestation in Tantan, 03.12.05

Photos of demonstrations in El Ayoun, 13/14.11.05

Photos of demonstrations in El Ayoun, 30/31.10.05

Photos from the Black Prison of El Ayoun: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13]

>> Photos of victims of 17.06.05
>> see the pictures [
gallery I] [gallery II] [gallery III] [gallery IV] [gallery V] [gallery VI] [gallery VII] [galery VIII]
Cahiers du Sahara >> AFAPREDESA

Video from local witness: [confrontation] [injured HR defender Hmad Hammad]
Spanish TV:
Manifestation at Rabat University 27.05.05
Manifestaciones de solidaridad en Andalucia, RTVA:
Almeria, Sevilla y Algeciras
manifestationà l'université de Rabat 28.05.05
Manifestacion en Algeciras - Manifestacion en Sevilla 28.05.05
Manifestacion en El Ayoun, 29.05.05


Holy Day Card Action of Amnesty international USA 2005

>> News Release Australia Western Sahara Association (AWSA) - 25 May 2005

 >> Declaration of the Central and Eastern European Alliance for the Solidarity with the Saharawi People, 01.06.05

>> Appeal of the The FREE SAHRAWIS of USA and CANADA, 03.06.05

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