Révolte des Sahraouis - Revolt of the Saharawis - Revuelta de los Saharauis


Parliamentary Group
Of the Left Party of Sweden


Resolution on the arresting, torture and mistreatment of Ms Aminatou Haidar and other Saharwi political prisoners.

During this summer big demonstrations have come about in different parts of Western Sahara.  Saharawis have demanded that Morocco, who for thirty years is illegally occupying Western Sahara should follow the decisions of the UN colonial committee and the agreement between the government of Morocco and Polisario in Houston 1997 on a referendum in order to settle the future of Western Sahara. The only demand was that the Moroccan government should follow the agreement it had signed itself.

The Moroccan authorities reacted on these demonstrations with extreme brutality. Many people were arrested, some of them taken to prisons I Morocco. The Moroccan authorities have tortured and mistreated people they have arrested. There is a reliable and trustworthy documentation which confirms the torture of people who were captured by the Moroccan police. The demonstrators have been sent to prison for many years. There are today 37 Saharawis imprisoned who have taken part in the demonstrations during this summer.

One case of many others is the frightful mistreatment of a human rights activist, Ms Amintou Haidar. She is still in prison and it is obvious that she has been heavily beaten and tortured in an extremely inhuman way.

The Parliamentary Group of the Left Party of Sweden strongly protests against the arresting of peaceful demonstrators and against the imprisonment and mistreatment of them.

The Parliament Group of the Left Party of Sweden strongly demands that Ms Aminatou Haidar and the other demonstrators must be released immediately.

The Parliament Group of the Left Party of Sweden demands the Moroccan government to fulfil the agreements it has signed in Houston.

On behalf of the Parliamentary Group

Of the Left Party of Sweden

Stockholm, the 6th of September 2005

Lars Ohly /Member of Parliament, Chairman of the Left Party of Sweden

Ulla Hoffmann/Member of Parliament, Deputy chairman of the Left party of Sweden

Alice Åström/Member of Parliament, Member of the Standing Committee for Foreign Affairs in the Swedish Parliament

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