Révolte des Sahraouis - Revolt of the Saharawis - Revuelta de los Saharauis

23.06.05: First sentences - report of a local correspondent

résumé en français plus bas

«Abderrahman Bougarfa, 53 years old and a father of 10 children and living in the camp of Shaila, in El Ayun. He is a human rights activist. He attended all the protest sit-ins on December 10th, March 05th, April 17th and many others . Always in confrontation with the Moroccan authorities for his humanitarian work. He attended all the demonstrations denouncing the savage repression of the intifada victims during May and June 2005. In the court he defended the Sahrawis right to self-determination. That is why he was sentenced to 5 year imprisonment.
He was arrested on Friday June 17th, 2005, the day of the Intifada of Zemla commemoration that was in 1970 against the Spanish. He stayed in the police station until Monday June 20 to be presented to the court and was put in the Black Jail in El Ayun. He went only through the preliminary investigation, but normally he must go through the detailed investigation according to the Moroccan law. He didn't even have the chance to have the defense of a lawyer. This proves the absence of a fair judgement which contradicts with the international human rights charters signed by Morocco. He was illegally sentenced to 5 years.

Chyaho Brahim, prisoner number 26 129, and Hamma Achrih, prisoner number 26 128, were illegally sentenced to 3 years imprisonment. Izili Abdellah prisoner number 26 131, Sellami Mohamed Salem, 26 130, were sentenced to 2 years imprisonment.

Saidi Salek, prisoner number 26 132, a mentally handicapped, was arrested on  May 24th, 2005, and can't control his urine and faeces. He was tortured by the GUS agents headed by the torturer Aboulhassan Ichi, who is responsible for the kidnapping of Sahrawis since 1977 when he first came to the Western Sahara. Salek was presented to the court after which he will be put in the Black prison despite his mental disability. He spent a month in prison to be presented to the court again in El Ayun today June 23,2005. He was sentenced to an unfulfilled year - imprisonment ( it means that he is out of prison, but during a year if he commits any guilt, he will be back to prison.(une année d'emprisonement avec sursis).

Ahmed Salem Hmaida and Hamma Draiwech were severely tortured and arrested on May 24 in Maatalla district by thr GUS,( Urban Security Group) and the CMI, (Mobile Company of Intervention). They were presented to the court and were released in "la liberté provisoire" ( temporary freedom). They were brought today and presented to the court to be accused of "the establishment of a criminal gang in order to commit crimes" and "putting explosives in the public way" and "committiong violence against ordinary citizens using weapon".

Therefore, we appeal to you to send international delegations  to investigate in the atrocities committed by the Moroccan kingdom.»

23.06.05: Premières condamnations - résumé

Abderrahman Bougarfa, 53 anns père de 10 enfants, habitant du camp de Shaila, à El Ayun, militant des droits humains. Arrêté le 17 juin lors de la manifestation pour l'anniversaire du massacre de Zemla. N'a eu droit qu'à une instruction sommaire et pas d'avocat . Condamné à 5 ans de prison.

Chyaho Brahim, No 26 129, et Hamma Achrih, No 26 128, condamnés à 3 and de prison. Izili Abdellah No 26 131, Sellami Mohamed Salem, No 26 130, condamnés à 2 ans de prison.

Saidi Salek, No 26 132, handicapé mental, arrêté le 24 mai, 2005. Torturé. Condamné à une année avec sursis.

Ahmed Salem Hmaida et Hamma Draiwech arrêtés le 24 mai au quartier Maatalla , torturés par les GUS,et les CMI, bénéficient de liberté provisoire


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