The Governement of the SADR exprimes its deception and indignation about King Hassan's speach on occasion of the anniversary of the Green March. ( text french or spanish )

Morrocan attempt to blackmail India

Before the state visit of the Moroccan Crown Prince in India scheduled later this month, the Moroccan Ambassador in New Dehli, Mohamed Benalahi, declared that he hopes that India will withdraw its recognition of SADR before. Early last month a Moroccan parliamentary delegation visiting India wrote in an aide-memoire "time has shown that this recognition can be regarded today as obsolete". Morocco seems to have indicated to India as well that its support for this country's candidature for a permanent membership of an expended Security Council would be dependent on honouring the demand for withdrawing the recognition of the SADR. But India's External Ministry sources indicated that it would wait for the result of the referendum, likely to be held, before deciding. " India recognized the SADR in 1985 which pre-dated the United Nations-sponsored settlement plan" they pointed out.

Resolution of the US Congress

The US House of Representatives adopted unanimously the Resolution 245 which supports the selfdetermination referendum for Western Sahara. It not only reaffirms the right of the Saharawi people to decide upon its future but also reiterates the minimum conditions for a fair and free referendum.

In a statement the Polisario Representative in the USA Mr Mouloud Said declares the Resolution adopted by the US House of Representatives "represents a boost to the settlement plan and to the recent agreements signed by the Polisario Front and the Kingdom of Morocco". He added that the Saharawi Government and the Polisario Front fully subscribe to the letter and spirit of resolution 245".

U.N. Secretary General Report,
S/1997/882, 13.11.97
In his report to the Security Council Mr Kofi Annan proposes that the referendum to decide the future of Western Sahara should be held Dec. 7, 1998 and asks for prolongation of the MINURSO mandate as well as a substantial increase of its effectives. He presents a calendar according to which identification will be resumed on first of December and finished on 30 of May 1998. The transitional period will begin at the 7th of June 1998, the referendum campaign will go from 16.11. to 6.12.98 and the vote will occur on day 7.12.98. In order to realize this programm the Secretary General asks for an increase of the MINURSO effectives upon to 1850 persons : 550 military observers, an 800-strong troop battalion, a 130 member communications company, a 50-member medical unit, 40 military police, a logistics company of 130 and a 150-member engineering company. In addition, existing small contingents of civilian police and civilian staff would be increased to 400 and 384, respectively.

14., 15., 16.11.97
23th European Conference of support to the Saharawi people, H╚rouville St Clair France.
Solidarity with the Saharawi people: strong support to the selfdetermination referendum is the main issue of the Conference.
In the annual meeting taking place in H╚rouville Saint Clair (France) from 14 to 16 November, more than 200 participants from 13 countries, from Africa, Asia, North America and Europe, delegates of solidarity groups, political parties, trade unions and also deputies of different parliaments or local authorities take stock of their activities of the passed year. An important Saharawi delegation leaded by SADR Prime Minister Mahfoud Ali Beiba, accompanied by Foreign Affairs Minister Bachir Mustafa Sayed participated to the discussions. The debates converged on the definition of the priority aims for 1998, year of the referendum.
An European Task Force was initiated in order to coordinate the activities focused on the vote of December 7 1998. An "Observatory of the peace plan" composed of important personalities will be in charge to denounce all interferences to a fair referendum process refered by the numerous observers who will be present in the territory.
Finally a public round table was held at the Second World War "Peace Memorial " of Caen with the theme: "22 years of resistance: about the urgency of a fair and lasting solution". It was led by Martine de Froberville, in presence of Mrs Danielle Mitterrand.

The final declaration of the Conference.


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