Technical mission of the UN in Western Sahara

The technical staff supposed to evaluate the needs for resumption of the voters identification, turned after a 6 day trip in the region.

Fourth Committee of the UN General Assembly

Answering to the petitioners of last week, Mr A. Snoussi, Moroccan Representative said Morocco had not placed any petitioners on this year's list, although it could have. Mr Snoussi claimed that this was because after the contacts undertaken by the Secretary-General's Personal Envoy, James Baker III, progress had been made on the question of Western Sahara.
Snoussi was predictably critical of the GA debate. He said taht in listening to petitioners, Morocco heard the leftist voices which had come to find a forum where they could recite what they had learned...., they had come to rehearse the slogans of another time and another place. For example, they had failed to point out that the Houston talks considered the Spanish census of 1974 to be just one criterion for the proposed referendum for self-determination in Western Sahara.

Parliamentary intervention

In an question the Swiss Deputy Pierre Aguet exprimes his wish of a resumption of the Swiss participation to the MINURSO. He asks the Swiss government to propose a medical unit as in the past, to send observers and to participate to the costs of the refugee return. He asks also to the govenment not to sign any political or commercial agreements with Morocco before the referendum.

Interview of President Abdelaziz

In the Spanish newspaper El Pais the Sahrawi President affirms that whatever the result of the referendum the question of sovereignty will be resolved. If the result is in favor of independance the Moroccan citizen will not be expelled: " We will give hospitality and generosity to all Moroccans living in Western Sahara to work and who had nothing to do with the occupation and annexion " but not to those who " interfer in our internal affairs and dont respect our sovereignty".



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