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The president of the party of democrats of the left (Democratici di sinistra), Massimo D'Alema, met two representatives of the Polisario Front in Italy and reaffirmed on this occasion solidarity and support for self-determination of the Saharawi people by his political group.


Late sentence
More than three years after the offence of which they are accused, the court of first instance in Agadir sentenced five young Saharawis to two months in prison and a fine. They are two men students, Mohamed Fadel Abou ElHassan and Moustafa Hamadi and three women students H´Jaiba Manaoui, Saadia Bayan and Batoul Aalali. The sentences relate to acts which took place back on 29 February 2000 ( >>
week 09/2000), when Saharawi students were demonstrating outside Inzegan prison (Agadir) to protest against the imprisonment of three Saharawi political prisoners, Cheikh Khaya, Brahim Najem Laghzal and Larbi Saïd. (>>week 51/1999)

Hedi Mohamed Fadel alias El Kainnan, has been sentenced by the court of first instance in Agadir, in an emergency sitting, to three years' imprisonment for insulting the king and the government. He had been apprehended during a clash with police. El Kainnan spent 6 months in the "black prison" of El Ayoun in 2002, sentenced following an altercation with Police Superintendant Alkoufili Hassan.

From the beginning of the month Moroccan authorities have been reinforcing security measures in the occupied Territories, deploying large contingents of police particularly in areas where Saharawis are living, in the aim of preventing any demonstration on the occasion of the anniversaries of the foundation of the Polisario and the start of the liberation struggle on 10 and 20 May. In Smara leaflets and Polisario flags were distributed at night. Several people have been apprehended and released after interrogation, among them Moujahid Ayachi Mohamed and Bouhali Dah Omar Ahmed. The first has just come out of prison at Aït Melloul pardoned by the king on the occasion of the birth of the heir to the throne.


Intense diplomatic activities before the treatment of the question of Western Sahara by the Security Council. The Spanish Minister for Foreign Affairs had talks in New York with Kofi Annan on the question of Western Sahara, she is going to Algiers on 17 May to meet the Algerian Minister of Foreign Affairs. Moroccan ministers have met heads of state of member countries on the Security Council, bearing a royal message about the conflict in the Sahara. Even ex-Prime Minister Youssoufi is taking part in this lobbying.

You can read Baker's proposal in French /PDF and the response of the Frente Polisario in English.

The UN Secretary General will deliver his report on Western Sahara. Consultations on the subject will start on 23 May with the Security Council.


On the initiative of the Association Japan-Sahara, and the Japanese campaign for Western Sahara, an open
letter, signed by several university figures and Japanese NGOs was sent to the Japanese government before the third TICAD (Tokyo International Conference on African Development).
The signatories criticised the invitation to Morocco to take part in this conference, while this country which is illegally occupying Western Sahara. is not a member of the African Union, on the contrary, SADR is a founder member of this organisation, and has not been invited.

A Saharawi Woman speaks out.
Fatima Mahfoud, the first Saharawi woman to visit Australia, arrives in Sydney on Saturday 17 May. She will tour Australia and New Zealand until the end of June raising awareness about the situation of the Saharawi people, seen from a woman's perspective. On 20 May there will be an
official welcome with a reception in the NSW state parliament.

Amistades Peligrosas va a realizar en los campamentos de refugiados de Tinduf la grabación del video clip "La larga Espera" como homenaje al pueblo Saharaui y a sus años de continúa lucha por la libertad, "La larga espera" da título al primer single del próximo y esperado disco de Amistades Peligrosas.
Las voces de Cristina del Valle y Alberto Comesaña serán el hilo argumental del relato de una historia con unos protagonistas -hombres, mujeres y niños-, y unos escenarios -los Campamentos "27 de febrero"-, de un pueblo y una causa en el olvido.
El Campamento de Semara, las dunas de "Aaiún" y la escuela de mujeres, han sido los lugares escogidos para llevar a cabo la grabación del vídeo. Realizada por AQTfilms, la grabación desplazará a los Campamentos a un equipo de 20 profesionales. Mientras que el viaje se realizará durante los días 13 al 17 de Mayo.


On 23, 24 and 25 of May, Sahrawi culture will be presented during a big festival of world music in Rotterdam. The festival is organized by the Dunya Foundation. Will participate a musical group from the refugees camps, and 2 Sahrawi poets. A special program entirely dedicated to Sahrawi culture will take place in a theater the evening of 23th of May preceding the festival itself, with poetry, Sahrawi music and dance and a projection of pictures during the performance. The poems will also be read in Dutch translation. On the 24th of May, one of the poets will read poems in the evening session of the literary program, during which the Free Word Award will be given (to a Tchechene poet).
On the 25th of May, the 2 poets will read again, this time accompanied by Sahrawi musicians, in the traditional way. The music group will perform shortly in a special program for the official guest, and in the late afternoon, the music group will have its long performance on one of the stages. P

Madrid, Casa de América (Pº de Recoletos nº 2): 20 de Mayo, horas 19'30 : "Los baúles del retorno", largometraje de la directora canaria María Miró, con guión de ella misma y Manuel Gutiérrez Aragón. Este film, estrenado en 1995, narra una hitoria de ficción ubicada en el contexto histórico de los refugiados saharauis en los campos de Tindouf, desde la huída al desierto tras la invasión de Marruecos. En él participan multitud de saharauis además de actores profesionales españoles, entre ellos Silvia Munt.Entrada: 2 euros.

Euskadi jugará en el Sahara
La selección de fútbol de veteranos de Euskadi disputará el próximo día 20 de mayo un partido contra el combinado saharaui en el campo de refugiados de Tinduf (Argelia) como gesto de apoyo a la causa de este pueblo africano, que reclama la independencia de Marruecos.


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