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The German parliamentary Liberal Party put down a motion in the Bundestag (parliament) which asks for action in favour of the implementation of the peace plan and for a solution to the conflict in Western Sahara. (
Westsaharakonflikt beilegen - UN-Friedensplan durchsetzen, Antrag der FDP-Fraktion an den deutschen Bundestag)

European Parliament
In the course of a meeting of the European Parliamentary (EP) intergroup "Peace for the Saharawi People" in Strasbourg, members of the European Parliament (MEPs) asked the European Union (EU) to do more towards ensuring self-determination of the Saharawi people." The MEPs further exhorted the EU to intervene with Morocco in putting an end to attacks on human rights in Western Sahara.


EU-Morocco Association
On the eve of the 3rd meeting in Brussels of the Council of the EU-Morocco Association, which will be the occasion for an examination of the whole of the partnership with Morocco including political and human rights fields, the parliamentary intergroup "Peace for the Saharawi people" and the European Coordination of Committees of Support for the Saharawi people each sent a letter to the European commissioner, Chris Patten. They draw attention to human rights abuses committed by Morocco in the illegally occupied Western Saharan territory and point out in particular the numerous cases of forced disappearance which are not always cleared up. The European Coordination also calls on the EU to "be concerned about the constant obstacles, delays and postponements which have prevented the implementation of the peace plan adopted by the Security Council on 29 April 1991 which planned the holding of a referendum of self-determination for the Saharawi People", while the members of the European Parliament hold "that it is the duty of the EU to use its weight and influence with Morocco to make it respect the rights of the Saharawi people for self-determination and to respect international law providing for the implementation of such rights."


In the context of the campaign of the Forum for Truth and Justice for the release of all political detainees, and for its appeal, sit-ins took place in Rabat and El Ayoun. The demonstration which was held for half an hour outside the ministry of Justice in Rabat took place in calm conditions. In El Ayoun, the demonstrators, families of detainees and human rights defenders notably from the Sahara branch of the Forum for Truth and Justice. met in front of the Appeal Tribunal, surrounded by a large contingent of security forces and the army. The demonstration was held despite strong pressure from the authorities on the president of the Sahara branch of the FTJ. Scuffles took place as the police forces wanted to break up the crowd , women were violently jostled, one jung man was injured, a banner and a camera were seized and three students were arrested: Said Ballal, Brahim Essid and Beyba Moulay Baba. Demonstrators stayed back in solidarity and only withdrew after having obtained the release of the three and the return of the impounded articles. (corr.)


15.02.03, Barcelona: Acto de despedida de la "Caravana Catalana de Emergencia de Alimentos para el Pueblo Saharaui".



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