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Resolution of the Security Council S/RES/1301 (2000)
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7. Abraham Serfaty: La 3ème Voie. (français + traducción en castellano + english abstract)

8. Carlos Ruiz Miguel: La resolución 1301 (2000) del Consejo de Seguridad de Naciones Unidas contiene ciertas ambigüedades...

Conference of twin towns and towns of solidarity with the Saharawi people
Representatives of over 130 Spanish municipalities, twinned with Saharawi localities in the refugee camps, met in Barcelona. In the final resolution participants considered that the UN/OAU settlement plan provides a unique historic opportunity for a just and definitive solution to the conflict. With a view to demanding the holding of the referendum, a certain number of direct actions have been devised for the coming months. (final resolution in
As part of these days, a meal of solidarity brought together a thousand people. Meanwhile, the campaign «Un minuto de vergüenza», (a minute of shame) with citizens meeting every Tuesday in front of town halls covering their eyes with their hands in response to Spain's policy on Western Sahara, is continuing and extending now to 43 municipalities. Information update:
Payasos sin Fronteras.

The Saharawi presidency decreed national mourning of seven days following the passing of the Syrian president, Hafedh el-Hassad. Mohamed Lamine ould Ahmed, counsellor to the Presidency, represented SADR at the funeral. Syria recognised SADR in 1980, and welcomes a Saharawi representation and supports the training of Saharawi university administrators (

First official visit of the Moroccan Prime Minister to Mauritania. Eight agreements of cooperation in various areas such as fishing, communications and administration were signed.

Occupied Territories
The Polisario Front protested strongly at the visit to El Ayoun on 4 June of the General Secretary of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, Nayef Hawatmeh. The Polisario Front expressed 'surprise' at this visit, interpreted as 'support' for the Moroccan occupation (

The Nobel Peace Prize laureate, José Ramos Horta took the floor at a meeting organised in Sydney by the Australian Western Sahara Association. He expressed his support for the right to self-determination of the Saharawi people and said that Morocco should realise that the Saharawis will never abandon their struggle for freedom, even if the referendum is indefinitely postponed. He added that the independence of Western Sahara could only benefit Morocco and the whole region. Finally he appealed to Morocco to avoid a new Timor and called on the United Nations to speed the implementation of the referendum, learning positive lessons from their experience in East Timor (

Morocco and the Polisario Front have been invited by James Baker to new negotiations in London on 28-29 June. (see also the
press release of Western Sahara Campaign UK.

UN - General Assembly
The General Assembly opened an account for the financing of MINURSO from 1 July 2000 - 30 June 2001 with a gross sum of 49 317 037 dollars, subject to the decision of the Security Council to renew the mandate of the mission beyond 31 July 2000. The representative of Mexico expressed concern that the UN had spent 350 million dollars in 10 years on the organisation of a referendum which has still not taken place. The Algerian representative supported the declaration of Mexico. (
UN news)

The Panamanian Parliament adopted unanimously a resolution (No 69) in which it expressed its disappointment at the slowness of the application of the UN Peace Plan and its anxiety at the refusal of Morocco to accept the results of the identification. Noting that the only way to reach a solution to the conflict remains the Plan and the Houston Agreements, it asked the UN and the Security Council to ensure a strict implementation of these agreements and the respect of the results of the identification of voters. It further asked that the mission of James Baker should take place within the framework of the peace plan and not to open the way to other uncertain issues. Finally the resolution calls on Morocco to respect human rights in the occupied zones and asks MINURSO to be vigilant about violations and to stop them (
SADR Embassy in Panama).

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