WEEK 52, 25-31.12.1995

The Moroccan political party USFP, Socialist Union of the Popular Forces, so-called opposition, "does not sustain the initiative of the Prime Minister, who recently asked for the freeze of the Maghreb Arab Union" (see week 51). The USFP declares that "it is not wise nor viable to bind the future of the MAU project to punctual and shortlived attitudes of one or the other government". Nevertheless this party sustains fully the government politic toward Western Sahara.

The SADR President M. Abdelaziz in an interview at the Algerian National Radio expresses his satisfaction that the Security Council did not follow the U. N. Secretary-General proposals, "who has taken party for Morocco". "The solution is to turn to the initial settlement plan", he says, accusing the U. N. Secretary-General to have "formulated partial proposals favouring Morocco". "It is as if Morocco had drafted the proposals and Boutros-Ghali signed them". Mr. Abdelaziz also critizes France, which representative to the Security Council "was sometimes more Moroccan than the Moroccans themselves".
"We ask for direct negociations with Morocco", he adds finally, "but we also hold the Security Council responsible for persuading the Moroccan government and forcing it to enter such negociations".
The Swiss section of the humanitarian NGO "Doctors of the World" condamns the fact, that the Grenada-Dakar rally crosses the occupied Western Sahara.

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