Révolte des Sahraouis - Revolt of the Saharawis - Revuelta de los Saharauis

Hassan Abdallah

En esp. --> A Lahsen Abdalahi, en huelga de hambre desde hace un mes, se le prohibe recibir visitas , SPS 03.05.06

En fr. --> Lahcene Abdallahi en grève de faim depuis un mois interdit de visite de sa famille, SPS 03.05.06


The Sahrawi political prisoner 'Hassan Abdallah', 36 days of heroic open hunger strike, and the colonial authorities continue ignoring his demands.

On the 1st of May, the Sahrawi political prisoner 'Hassan Abdallah' enters the 36th day of his open hunger strike that started on the 27th of March 2006 in the local prison of Ait Melloul (Morocco).

The prisoner was recently transferred to the public hospital of Inzeggane (Morocco) in a very critical state after losing consciousness and his ability to move. Ordered by the Moroccan secret services, the hospital administration is putting him under a lot of pressure to discontinue his strike. The prisoner rejects their attempts assuring that this is dependent on the realization of all his demands starting with his unconditional release.

The Sahrawi political prisoner 'Hassan Abdallah' began his heroic open hunger strike to claim his right to get the treatment of a 'prisoner of opinion' secured by international charters and conventions. He also demands the Moroccan state to open an investigation concerning the circumstances of the torture he was subjected to several times either by the employees of the local prison of Ait Melloul or the Moroccan secret services agents while being interrogated.

Here is a technical sheet about the Sahrawi political prisoner currently hospitalized in the public hospital of Inzeggane (Morocco) in a very deteriorated condition.

Name: Abdallah Ali Salem Mohammed Salem / Hassan.

Personal address: Street 15, No.19, Saadiyine District, New Boulevard, Glaymime.

Marital status: Single.

Date and place of birth: 06th of March 1980, Glaymime.

Academic level: 8th grade Fundamental education, Dakhla school and Prince Heritier Preparatory School in Glaymime.

Job or occupation before the arrest: without occupation.

Affiliation to other organizations and advocation: Member of the Committee of Opposition to Torture alongside with Mokhtar benjelloun.

Date and place of arrest: 4 a.m. in Chayla Campment in Laayoune, on the 15th of February 2006.

Associated arrest conditions and the responsible party: (night/day/house raid…protest sit-in): He was abducted at 4 a.m. by the urban police (Croatia), and handed over to Moroccan secret services.

Charges related to the arrest:

The establishment of a criminal gang
Deliberately setting on fire unoccupied buildings
Attempt to set vehicles on fire
Destruction of documents related to the public authority
Putting things in the public way causing injuries to others

The activity he might be arrested for: Glaymime events of 06th of February.

He was wanted by Moroccan secret services and Moroccan police (after the events).

Place of detention: Ait Melloul Prison.

Prisoner's address (name and detention number): Abdallah Hassan, Number of detention: 7663.

Was the prisoner tortured and ill-treated? If so, how did you know?: He was humiliated and ill-treated by the police officer in Occupied Laayoune (defamation, insult, spit on the face, and degrading speech).

In Glaymime, by the called Lwahdani and others: beating and kicking, spit on the face and insult while handcuffed to the back and eye-banded.

Conditions endured by the prisoner's family: (suffering a certain maltreatment) Surveillance of the family house by the secret agents, and asking the father after his son following his transfer to Agadir (the family was not aware of the abduction of her son).

Sources of information about the prisoner: from his family, and him personally.

Other remarks and additional information about the prisoner: the prisoner spent three days without food or water in police stations in Laayoune + Abdessabour Lmaouni tried to convince him to give in by offering him a 3000 Moroccan Dirhams as a salary, and a place to live in.

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