Révolte des Sahraouis - Revolt of the Saharawis - Revuelta de los Saharauis

To all whom Concerned &endash; to All Humanity.

Lately, we all heard and watched the demonstrations and riots that took place in many cities in Western Sahara and in some other Moroccan cities where sahrawis were demanding for their right to self &endash;determination and asking the United Nations to support and organize the long-time promised referendum. During these riots, the Moroccan government has violated every human right that ever existed! Many Sahrawis were arrested, abducted, beaten up, wounded, and exiled. Moroccan authorities used violence against Sahrawis without differentiating between children, women, and elders. Indeed there were many casualties and damages. Many civilians hoes were either destroyed, looted, or both. The press was hindered from taking pictures and registering everything. Many journalists were driven away from the scenes.

The Moroccan Government is trying to control the lives of the Sahrawis by any means. We all know that Control is the fact of trying to affect the behavior of another being in a way that fails to respect its autonomy and its needs.

The Moroccan police were very cruel to the helpless Sahrawis citizens. Cruelty is what happens when Control loses focus. It is terrible and irrational.

The Moroccan Government is trying to exterminate the Sahrawis people. Extermination is a close relative of control as it is used to view the others as a function of specific needs, and thus violating that being's autonomy and its existence.

All what Sahrawis ask for is SELF-DETERMINATION which is a legal right that we all ought to have and cherish. If we examine the world history, The USA would be a good example when it had proven that self-determination has been a right in becoming independent from the former British Empire. Other countries such as the former USSR countries can be considered as examples.

Therefore, Morocco, claiming to be, a constitutional monarchy can not deny Sahrawis their rights. Morocco must unconditionally and freely let Sahrawis decide for themselves by putting an end to their daily misery and allowing a free transparent referendum.

Sahrawis are a minority and they have waited long enough for man many years. They have always longed to breathe freedom. They have led a clean revolt and a fierce struggle &endash;through the Polisario Front-a revolution against Spain and later on against Morocco. All Sahrawis dream of freedom and the liberation from the unbearable occupation. Their long night's sleep is always haunted and mostly disturbed by the harsh reality of suppression, human rights violations, and injustice.

As Sahrawis who have chosen to live in volunteer exile, we were driven away from our homeland country because occupation and neglect.

Accordingly, we URGE the United Nations to intervene and put an end to this illegal inhumane occupation. We URGE all human rights activists, associations, and organizations to stop forward to stop Morocco from violating our rights.

We URGE the American Congress to do something about the Western Sahara issue instead of watching things getting worse and people suffering more and more on a daily basis.

What Sahrawis seek is JUSTICE, so let Justice prevail.





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