Emeutes à El Ayoun - Riots in El Ayoun - Revueltas en El Aaiun


The Central and Eastern European Alliance for the Solidarity with the Saharawi People is condemning the repression launched by the Moroccon police and security forces against the peaceful demonstarators demanding independence and self determination of Western Sahara in accordance to the respective UN Resolutions. The arrests of Saharawis during the recent demonstrations is a serious violation of the human rights and we are demanding their immediate release.

We are aware that the conflict of Western Sahara is a question of decolonisation in accordance with UN resolution 1514, which implies that the UN remains responsible for ensuring and respecting the inalienable right of the Saharawi people to self - determination.
It is high time that the conflict which has been going on for three decades , should be brought now to a peaceful, fair and lasting solution.
We express our unconditional solidarity and support to all Saharawi human rights activists , and demand respect to their right to free expression, demonstration movement , self - determination and independence.

Budapest, 1st June 2005.

Matyas Benyik
President of the Alliance

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