Geneva 20 - 21.07.00

Expert-level talks

The meeting was presided by W. Eagleton, special representative of the UN Secretary-general, accompanied by John Bolton, Baker's assistent, Mr Vetere, chief of the Identification Commission and Miss Anna of the UN political department.

The Polisario delegation was leaded by Mohamed Khaddad, coordinator with MINURSO, Obeid Luchaa, Brahim Salem Bouseif, Yahia Bouhebeini et Senia Ahmed, Polisario representative to the UN in Geneva.
The Moroccan delegation included Mohamed Loulichki, coordinator with MINURSO, Benjelloun-Toumi, permanent representative of Morocco to the UN in Geneva, the colonel Abdelkader el Aoula and two councellors of the Interior ministery.

During the first day, in presence of delegates of the UNHCR and ICRC, questions about refugee repatriation and confidence- building measures, as well as POWs and political detenees were treated in separate meetings.
Mr Bolton presented to both parties a project of confidence-building measures including a pilot experience of crossborder visits between the refugee camps and the occupied territories in August. The Polisario delegation gave its agreeement in principle, the Moroccan delegation had reservations about it, waiting for instructions from Rabat. Bolton gave them time untill July 28 to give an answer.

The second day should be devoted to the problem of the appeals process, but the Moroccan delegation refused to participate, advancing it was not enabled to discuss that matter.
The UN delegation hold a meeting with the Polisario delegation on the appels. Mr Eagleton regretted the attitude of the Moroccan delegation, which had accepted Bakers conclusion at London II and had been informed of the agenda of the meeting. He thanked the Polisario for its cooperation. (source: Polisario delegation)