Mr Kofi Annan,
Secretary General of the United Nations
Fax: 001212 963-4879 or 963-3024


Dear Secretary General,

I am writing to you again to urge you to use your good offices and influence to move for the full implementation of the United Nations peace plan for Western Sahara with a referendum of self determination for these people.

The failure to implement the peace plan has resulted in the prologation of the inhuman situation of the refugees in Western Sahara. These people have suffered enough especially in this last decade.

The military occupation and the ongoing exploitation of the Saharawi people by Morocco is unconscionable. The Saharawi people have a right to full protection of their lifelihood and their rights which has not happened due to this failure to implement the peace plan.

On behalf of the people that I represent in this Centre I urge you and call upon the United Nations to implement this Peace Plan and the Houston Agreements without delay.

I wish to thank you for your efforts for peace in many other parts of the world. I urge you to respond to this inhuman situaiton in Western Sahara to further the cause of peace in our world.

I am also forwarding this request to President Thabo Mbeki and to Mr James Baker. I still look forward to some response from you or your office.

Yours sincerely,

Father Claude Mostowik MSC

National Director
MSC Justice and Peace Centre
15A Swanson Street
Erskineville NSW 2043

Phone 61+2+9550 3845
Fax 61+2+9519 8471

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