Paix et liberté pour le peuple sahraoui

Peace and freedom for the Saharawi people

Por la paz y la libertad del pueblo saharaui

27th European Conference of Support To the Saharawi People
Sevilla 24, 25 and 26 November 2001

Message from Mohamed Daddach

First of all, I'd like to thank all the participants at the Conference as well as all those who worked hard to make my liberation happen and that of the other Saharawi political prisoners. To them all, organizations, personalities, members of parliament, jurists, politicians, sports people and other parties who also contributed to the success of the international campaign which allowed our liberation, I express to all my deep gratitude.

Dear Friends,

I'm in El Aaiun again, having stayed more than 22 years in Kénitra's prison, without considering two years spent in another penitentiary. During all this period, I suffered from my (injured) left shoulder, and no medical care was given to me. And I continue to feel tremendous pain.

Yes, I was released on November 7th, 2001 thanks to the international campaign initiated in September 1, 2001. Since, I went to Smara, which following the example El Aaiun, lives in the absence of any press, under a military blockade without precedent.

The popular rising that Smara witnessed on the 17th of this month is the tangible evidence of the rejection by all Saharawis to the terrible conditions of existence and to the Moroccan occupation. Currently, the territory is under a systematic and persistent campaign of forced abductions, torture and repression.

In Western Sahara, dear friends, there are still more 'disappeared' people, abducted in 1975 by the Moroccan authorities, and whose whereabouts remain unknown. Also, we ask and call for all the friends of the Saharawi people and all the international organizations, to start another world campaign until the fate of all those who 'disappeared' or were abducted is established.

Dear Friends, these days also, the Truth and Justice Forum (Sahara section ) is undergoing pressures and intimidations of all kinds. As the only framework for the defense of human rights in Western Sahara, it has been threatened of suspension of activities. Personally, as a former political prisoner, I condemn with vehemence these pressures and ask you to help and support the Sahara section of the Forum so that it survives and continues its activity.

Dear Friends, the Moroccan authorities prevented Mrs. Danielle Mitterand from visiting Western Sahara and from meeting the Saharawi human rights organizations. Here is also another evidence of the police and military siege imposed on Western Sahara since the beginning of the conflict in 1975.

Dear Friends, once again, I strongly condemn the repression against Saharawis in Smara; the arrest and torture, as well as the destruction of their homes and their livelihoods and I call for the release of those detained and care should be given to those injured.

Dear Friends, I express to you my rejection of what is called the 'third way', since it can never constitute a solution to the conflict in Western Sahara. Quite to the contrary, it is likely to complicate it. Also, I invite the United Nations to organize, as soon as possible, the referendum recommended by the UN-OAU plan, to allow the Saharawi people to exert its right to self-determination and thus to put an end to the suffering endured by this people, be it in the occupied territories of Western Sahara or the suffering of Saharawi refugees in exile.

To conclude, I greet you and thank you for your constant support to the Saharawi people.

Signed: Mohamed Daddach

Translation to English: Khatry Beirouk

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