From : Sidi Mohamed Daddash

2002 Rafto Prize winner, Norway

Political detainee for 25 years in Moroccan prisons.


25th February, 2005

Recently, in the beginning of this year 2005 , some delegations from Italy, the American Congress and some diplomats from embassies of some countries represented in Rabat have visited Western Sahara , especially Laâyoune which is the capital of territories question of dispute between Morocco and Polisario Front since 1975.

If these visits are meant to be done to some specific parts of the civil society, it would be allright; but, indeed, they have only met governmental associations which are representatives of Moroccan authorities.

Therefore , these visits have excepted hundreds of ex-political detainees who have spent long periods in Moroccan prisons ; this was because of their opinions about the conflict in Western Sahara .

Moreover , these visits have not included the association which defends the political prisoners in Moroccan prisons; they haven't , also , met with the association interested in defending the families of reported missing and martyrs association , and Saharawi human rights activists who are denied the opportunity to have a passport or to travel abraad.

Thus, these visits are incomplete because they have not covered the whole civil society .

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