Rapport du Secrétaire général, S/2007/385, sur les  négociations maroco-sahraouies,
Secretary General Report, S/2007/385, on the Morocco-Saharawi negociations
Informe del Secretario general, S/2007/385, sobre las negociaciones maroco-saharaui

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28.06.07: Ban calls for autonomy in disputed Western Sahara, dpa, New York, 

Rapport du SG  publié sur le site de l'ONU - Retiré après quelques heures
UN SG Report  published on the UN website - Retired after som hours ( -->first version)
Informe del SG de las NNUU publicado en el sitio de la ONU - Retirado duspues algunas horas

Question: Michèle, I wanted to get some clarification: the Security Council resolution 1754 (2007) mentions both the Moroccan plan and the Frente Polisario plan for the Western Sahara. Yet, in the Secretary-General’s report out yesterday -- or today, officially -- in paragraph 12, there’s a statement that he wrote here that “the Polisario could be asked to test Morocco’s readiness to take part in serious, constructive negotiations by making concrete proposals to define, clarify or amend provisions in the Moroccan proposal, leaving the final status out of consideration at this stage”. There’s no mention of the Polisario proposal. So, I was wondering: I know that [Peter] van Walsum doesn’t like to come in here, but is there any way that we can get some sort of clarification specifically on this paragraph? Because I just wanted to see... Now it seems that things have changed, based on this new report. So, if there could be any, sort of, somebody coming in, or an expert to talk about this, I’d appreciate it.
Spokesperson: The only thing I can tell you at this point is that there is probably going to be a different -- second -- version of this report that will come out within the next few days.
Question: Really? And what’s it going to be based on? Is it a revision, or…?
Spokesperson: Probably, yes. I cannot say anything at this point, but you will, next week, probably get a revision of this.

* Asked about the Secretary-General’s latest report on Western Sahara, the Spokeswoman said that there would probably be a revised version of that report coming out in the next few days. Asked why the report was being revised, Montas said that was in response to reservations expressed by all the parties.
* [In addition to the information provided at today’s noon briefing regarding the Secretary-General’s report on Western Sahara, correspondents are advised that the report will be reissued shortly without the final section of Observations. It was felt by all concerned that at this stage in the talks it would be in the best interests of the process for the Secretary-General’s envoy to share observations and recommendations to the Security Council in his coming oral briefing to the Council and to the parties directly within the negotiations themselves, rather than in a public report.
trad. non officielle (extrait des déclarations de la porte-parole du SG du 29.06.07):
Le rapport sur les négociations sur Sahara Occidental sera republié incessament
* Interrogée à propos du dernier rapport du Secrétaire général sur le Sahara Occidental, la porte-parole a déclaré qu'une version corrigée de ce rapport sortira ces prochains jours. Interrogée pourquoi le rapport a été corrigé, Montas a dit que c'était suite à des réserves exprimées par toutes les parties.
*[En complément des informations données au point de presse de midi concernant le rapport du SG sur le SO, les correspondants sont informés que le rapport va être republié incessament sans la partie finale des observations. Il a été jugé par toutes les parties concernés que en l'état actuel des pourparlers, il serait d'un meilleur intérêt pour le processus que l'envoyé du SG partage ses observations et recommandations avec le Conseil de sécurité lors d'une audition orale et avec les parties lors des négociations elles-mêmes, plutôt que dans un rapport écrit.]

29.06.07: UN appears to backtrack on autonomy proposal for Western Sahara, dpa, New York, 

Declaration by A Boukhari, APS, UPES, SPS, 30.06.07
Déclaration de A. Boukhari, SPS, 30.06.07
Decaracion de A. Bujari, SPS, 30.06.07  


* The Spokeswoman, in response to questions, confirmed that a new, revised report on the recent direct talks on Western Sahara between Morocco and the Frente Polisario would be out shortly.
* She added that the Secretary-General's personal envoy for Western Sahara, Peter van Walsum, would be give an oral briefing to the Security Council on the conclusions of the talks in the course of this month.
* Asked if it was a common occurrence that the United Nations to pulls out published reports from circulation in order to revise them, Okabe said that it was not. "In this particular case, given the sensitivity and the delicate situation of the talks," she explained, "much consideration went into it, as a result of which the decision was taken" to reissue the report.
trad. non officielle (extrait des déclarations de la porte-parole du SG du 02.07.07):
Le rapport corrigé est attendu incessamment.

    * La porte-parole en réponse à des questions, a confirmé que un nouveau rapport, corrigé, concernant les récentes négociations entre le Maroc et le F. Polisario va sortir rapidement.
    * Elle a ajouté que l'envoyé personnel du SG pour le SO, Peter van Walsum, fera dans le courant du mois un rapport oral au Conseil de sécurité sur les conclusions des négociations.
    * A la question si il est habituel que les Nations unis retirent de la circulation des rapports publiés pour les corriger, Okabe a admis que cela ne l'était pas. "Dans ce cas particulier, vu la situation sensible et délicate des négociations,a-t-elle expliqué, "plusieurs considerations ont conduit àl a décision de republier le rapport.

02 July , 2007:
near-verbatim transcript of the noon briefing by Marie Okabe, Deputy Spokesperson for the Secretary-General.
**Questions and Answers
Question:  I wanted to ask you about the report on Western Sahara that was re-issued last night.  There is an asterisk on it and it said it was re-issued for “technical reasons”.  According to my research, if it is re-issued for technical reasons, it is usually because of a typo or printing error.  It has no reference to any editorial issue.  That would be a revision or a corrigendum.  So I am really confused and I want to know why it was re-issued for technical reasons.
Deputy Spokesperson:  I think the “note to correspondents” last Friday explained the reason for the re-issuance.  I have nothing beyond that.
Question:  But actually, the “note to correspondents” did not say anything about, I mean, this is a technical issue that I am asking you about.  Because there have been some reports re-issued in the past on other issues, but not for technical reasons.  There was nothing in the note to correspondents that says anything about a corrigendum or a revision.
Deputy Spokesperson:  I think we all know, we explained to you on Friday, as well as yesterday in response to questions, that the reason for Mr. Van Walsum to brief the Security Council on his observations orally, and that after a lot of consideration went into the report, the decision was taken to omit the observation portion of the report.  So that is the reason.  The asterisk, I can’t explain the reasons for that.  But the reason behind it I explained to you yesterday, and I think that was the intent of the “note to correspondents”.  Further than that, Laura, I really think that we have to pose those questions to the Special Representative, who is obviously going to brief the Security Council on the eleventh.  And we have asked him to brief you afterwards.
Question:  Can you just repeat what you said about Mr. Van Walsum?  Did he brief the Council, or…
Deputy Spokesperson:  He is scheduled, according to the Security Council programme for the month of July, on the eleventh in consultations, and we have asked him to speak to you following that.  And hopefully, he will do so.

02.07.07: El Pais,  http://www.elpais.com/articulo/internacional/Ban/Ki-moon/retira/informe/Sahara/criticas/elpepuint/20070702elpepiint_10/Tes
02.07.07: U.N. Report Backpedals on Western Sahara, By EDITH M. LEDERER, The Associated Press,

03.07.07 UN website:
Rapport du SG S/2007/385 (29.06.07) (version corrigée)
SG Report S/2007/385 (29.06.07) (revised version)
Informe del SG S/2007/385 (29.06.07) (version coregida)

03.07.07: UN amends Western Sahra report, Aljazeera.net, 03.07.07
03.07.07: UN changes Sahara report that leans toward Morocco, Evelyn Leopold, Reuters, 03.07.07
03.07.07: El Frente Polisario, satisfecho con cambios en informe de la ONU, EFE,

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