The group of Sahrawi Students                                              AGADIR .July 24, 2007

former political detainees

in the local prison of  INZEGAN

Agadir, Morocco

An open letter to the honorable:

Secretary-General of the UN Mr.Ban Ki-moon

Subject: The intervention for the release of the Sahrawi students and all the Sahrawi political detainees.

Dear Sir;

We are glad and very happy to write to you the Secretary-General of the UN, as you are the president of the highest and largest international organization, and demand the urgent and immediate intervention to put pressure on the Moroccan authorities for the release of all the Sahrawi political detainees; and at the forefront of all; the Sahrawi Students detained in the prison of BOULMHARZ in the city of Marrakesh; and the local prison of EZAKI in Salé. They Sahrawi Students are :  Mohamed Ali Andour, Khalifa Aljanhawi,Sidi Moulai Mohamed Ailal, Sidi Mohamed Alalaoui, Elwali Azaz, Abdati Dia, Mohamed Ennajem Essaghir,Ibrahim Algharabi, Elhossain Eddalaa, Mahmoud Lmkitti, Abd Elfattah Eliadassia, Embirik Dah, Hassan Fatih, Rachid Banno, Mohamed Elaardaoui. We inform you Mr. the Secretary General that the detention of our friends in Rabat and Marrakesh is due to their involvement in the peaceful and civilized demonstrations organized within their universities ; and their condemnation of the campaign of random and cruel arrests been carried out against us at the University of Agadir in Mai 03, 2007. The arrests against us was also caused by our activities in the domain of human rights and our support for the efforts of the United Nations to apply international resolutions to afford the people of Western Sahara the right of self-determination under the auspices of the UN.

Dear Mr. Secretary-General;

The second purpose of this letter is to draw your attention and the conscience of the International Community to the health status of the Sahrawi Students detained in the local prison of Salé which is resulting from the hunger strike; that reached 45 days until the writing of this letter; in protest against their illegal detention and their deprivation of their legitimate rights in the prison as being political detainees. This unhuman conditions of living caused the Sahrawi detainees in all of Tiznit prison, Ait Melloul prison, Taroudant prison, Kenitra prison to start an open hunger strike in July 07, 2007 in an increasingly deteriorated health status.
In short, this shows the gross violations of human rights that affect the Sahrawi Students and generally the people of Western Sahara. Mr. the Secretary General, Khaya Sultana is a good example of those violations carried out by the Moroccan authorities against us in order to deprive us from the basic right of expression which is agreed upon by all the international charters.

Dear Mr. the Secretary-General;

While we inform you of the bad and serious health status of all the Sahrawi detainees; we charge the international community and the Moroccan authority with the responsibility of what will result from the hanger strike and its repercussions.


•    Ahmed Chain.
•    Mahmoud Elfilali.
•    Mohamed Chouiaar.
•    Lehssan Lmghaifri.
•    Bouzid Gaddal.