South Africa recognises the Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic

L'Afrique du Sud reconnaìt la République Arabe Sahraouie Démocratique

Sudáfrica reconoce la República Arabe Saharaui Democratica

Joint communiqué on the establishment of diplomatic relations between the Republic of South Africa and the Sahrawi Democratic Republic

Letter of President Thabo M'Beki to the king of Morocco Mohamed VI, 01.08.04 

Lettre du Président Thabo M'Beki au roi Mohamed VI du Maroc, 01.08.04 

Carta del Presidente Thabo M'Beki al rey Mohamed VI de Marruecos, 01.08.04 








AWSA congratulates SADR and South Africa on accord. A step closer to freedom for Africa's last colony, Press release 16.09.04

South Africa recognizes Western Sahara's government-in-exile. Congressman says decision should increase pressure on Morocco, News from Congressman Joe Pitts, 15.09.04

The long history of the relations between South Africa and the Saharawis, Mail and Guardian online, archives 1995-2004

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