National Union of Saharawi Women


The National Union of Sahrawi Women (NUSW) is a people's organisation of all the women of the Saharan Arab Democratic Republic SADR, created in 1979 on the initiative of the POLISARIO Front. Today the NUSW has 10,000 members in the refugee camps in Tindouf, the occupied and liberated areas of the Western Sahara and living abroad as Saharawi emigrants, organised in local and regional offices.


Concerns of the Union

On the national level

The Union is concerned with the situation of Saharawi women and their development.
It endeavours to assist women in the occupied areas of the Western Sahara by making every effort to alleviate the suffering of women in the occupied areas in the face of abductions, torture and imprisonment they are subjected to by the Moroccan authorities of occupation.
The Union's main interest is improving the situation for children, the elderly and the handicapped.

On the international level

The NUSW remains concerned with the suffering of women throughout the world due to inequality and violations of their rights.
The Union continues to denounce the wars and conflicts whose primary victims are always children and women.
The Union vehemently condemns the violations of human rights which occur in spite of international conventions and agreements.

Organisation of the NUSW

The Union is directed by a National Committee comprising 57 membres elected by the Congress which takes place every 5 years.
The National Committee includes an Executive Committee chaired by the Secretary General who is also elected by the Congress. At the same time she is member of the National Committee of the POLISARIO Front.
The national Committee is subdivided

The Union has representatives in different socio-professional fields. The Union's Committee meets every six month in order to evaluate the reports of the Executive Committee, to define courses of action, to vote on half-yearly programmes and to take a political standpoint, if necessary.


On the national level
- To mobilise Saharawi women to reinforce their role in the struggle for the liberation and independence of the Western Sahara.
- To orientate women in the social and political fields to improve their level of education and training (literacy campaigns, scholastic and professional training, political seminars, etc).
To sensitise women to their social role by means of

  • meetings of those who are in charge in order to define the grass-roots activities
  • seminars and conferences on the local regional and national level
  • meetings, gatherings and cultural evenings
  • distribution of the organisation's documents dealing with women's political, educational, professional and cultural situation
  • occasions for motivation: national holidays, International women's, children's, health days, etc.
  • the showing of films, exhibitions of photographs and arts and crafts

so that they are held in esteem and will be allowed to play their role after independence.

On the international level
The National Union of Saharawi Women works for the implementation of decisions and strategies concerning women, particularly the "Strategy of Nairobi". It works for the establishment of security and peace in the world, equality between the sexes as the basis for all progres and developpment and the reinforcement of human rights and democracy.
The NUSW, whose struggle forms an integral part of the fight for liberation led by women around the world, has been active within the framework of several regional and international organisations:

The NUSW has also participated in

The NUSW maintains good relations with many non-governmental and humanitarian organisations, with trade unions and political organisations of different sensibilities throughout the world, as well as with political parties and women's organisations.
In this context we cherish great hopes of the endeavours of the United Nation's with regard to women in providing the material and human means to reinforce their role in development and peace based on equalitiy.
It is, however, our deep conviction that the greatest part of the work must be carried out through the foundation of society, the family, and by increasing its educational role, for it is this which is the driving force behind countries' policies and a model of relations.



In the refugee camps

tel: (213 7) 93 14 80 or 93 16 46 or 93 23 32
fax: (213 7) 93 18 22 or 93 13 76

Saharawi Mission in Algiers

tel: (213 2) 74 79 07 or 74 78 20
fax:(213 2) 74 79 84


Union Nationale des Femmes Sahraouies
c/o Mission de la RASD
B.P. 10, El Mouradia
1, Rue F. Rooswelt
DZ-16 000 Alger - Algérie



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