An Appeal to all those who believe in justice and humanity:

In the Name of Allah, the Most gracious, Most merciful.

For more than a decade, We, Sahrawis, have been living under miserable conditions and intolerable circumstances in the occupied cities of Western Sahara. These circumstances' main feature is the horrible political oppression that we undergo on a daily basis and which results from the military and political conflict in the region. The Moroccan kingdom is still violating human rights in Western Sahara without any respect to international laws and conventions, namely: Geneva Convention which states that these should be a full protection for civilians in conflict areas. The Moroccan regime committed much genocide against defenseless Sahrawis. Morocco is also responsible for the illegal detention and imprisonment of many Sahrawi civilians and who would be taken to secret jails where all kinds of torture are "the dominant everyday meal". Morocco is also known for arbitrary non conventional sentencing of innocents and especially the sahrawi activists. The whole Sahara occupied territory in under complete siege be it political, social, military, and even communicative. All this is done to hide the on-going activites of Moroccans on the soil of Western Sahara.

After my attempt to join the polisario front in 1994, I was brutally arrested and taken to one of the many secret jails that exist in Morocco. This secret jail is located in the area of "Bir Gendouz" not far from the artificial "sand wall". I was kept there for more than six months and where all kinds of physical and psychological torture that was the daily treatment from my Moroccan "hosts". In 1996, there were some manifestations in Boujdour city and which was an event that occurred exactly at the time of 21 st celebration of the Sahrawi revolution; consequently, I was again kidnapped in Laayoune city by some secret Moroccan agents ( D.S.T.). Again I was taken by force to another secret prison in Laayoune city. I was kept there for more than three months. they practiced on me all kinds of horrible torture that even Ivan the Terrible would have disapprove of if he was still alive. In September 25, 2000, and while I was out near a gas station in Mecca street in the center of Laayoune city, I was a target for another kidnapping .A red Mercedes 240 car with 6 people aboard encircled me and forced me into the car. They were all ununiformed.The time of my arrest was happened at a very critical situation as it was the annual celebration of Laayoune's intifada.This time they took me to a secret gendarmerie prison where I stayed for a whole week. They tortured me while interrogating me. Then as they could not prove anything against me, they set me up, and tried to force me to sign some forged confessions. As I refused, they brought my father and sat him with me in the same cell so as to make agree to their terms and sign the faked confessions. Later on, they took me to the court that I call" the court of fraud and deprivation. I was sentenced to seven years of imprisonment though I was innocent, and all the charges against me were fake and irrational. My defense proved my innocence, but the court decided to ignore all the facts as the orders were given from a higher authority to put me in jail. The motive behind my imprisonment was merely political as I was a human rights and a political activist. The Moroccans wanted to stop me for that reasons. I was transferred from the "black prison" in Laayoune city to the central prison in Kenitra in the north of Morocco after being the "guest" at some other jails on my way up to there.

My life is a real drama now. My conditions in the central prison of Kenitra city are really bad due to bad treatment and discrimination, depravity, and the lack of medicine. I also suffer from malnutrition and the guards would not allow me receive any visits. Moroccans are depriving us from our rights .They try to do anything which would make suffer and forget our humanity. They want us to stop thinking and existing as human beings.

Therefore, I call upon all the international organizations, associations, and foundations that are concerned with human rights issues to intervene and investigate and put an end to all the human rights violations in Western Sahara. These organizations can out pressures on the Moroccan regime to free all the sahrawi political prisoners as well as to investigate the fate of those disappeared ones. People want to know the future, and hence families want their sons-martyrs- remains. We want the world to stop crimes against humanity in Western Sahara. We want them to stop Moroccans from committing more atrocities and genocides in Western Sahara. We want security and freedom.

Is that too much to ask?
Finally, do accept my sincere appreciation and all my respect. Thank you.

Abdallahi Ouali Ahmed Lakhfaouni
-Sahrawi political prisoner-

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 P.S. a delegation of the Moroccan council for human rights paid me a visit on July 10,2003

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