Western Sahara at AAPG Conference
The SADR participated in the International Conference and exhibition of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG), which took place in Perth -Australia on 5-8 November 2006:

The SADR exhibition was visited by many participants and attracted a great deal of interest.

 Over 2000 people participated in the Conference and many states as well major oil companies from all over the world exhibited their potential in the oil and gas area.
The Polisario representative to Australia delivered a presentation at the International Pavilion about the SADR recent oil and gas licensing round and our state's efforts in attracting international investment and exploration in the oil and gas field:
The AAPG conference was an opportunity to expose the SADR potential to international companies and petroleum geoscientists from around the world as they gathered at the Conference to discuss the latest developments in petroleum geology and geophysics and investigate international opportunities.
The Moroccan regime attempted to prevent our country from exhibiting at the International conference but failed. [K.F.]