Association of Families of Prisoners and Disappeared Sahrawi people

Asociación de Familiares de Presos y Desaparecidos Saharauis

B.P. 12 Tindouf (Algeria)

Office for Spain:
C / José Ortega y Gasset, 77; 2ºA
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Urgent action



Since September 10, 1999, Saharawi students, unemployed graduates and former workers of the Fos BouCraa Company organized a sit in front the seat of the provincial administration El Ayoun-Boujdour, at La Mecque avenue, El Ayoun, in the occupied part of Western Sahara, to assert their legitimate rights to a worthy and human life.

A Chaima (saharawi tent) was drawn up and the demonstration gathered hundreds of Saharawi sympathizers. Every days discussions and debates about the serious situation which Saharawis undergo under Moroccan occupation took place.

On September 19, 1999 the workers of the phosphate mines also decided to join the demonstration and published an official statement in which they expressed their reprobation of the policy of the Moroccan administration.

On September 22, 1999, at 2 hours GMT, various units of the police force of the Moroccan occupants were launched against the peaceful protesters. The Criminal Investigation Department, the Royal Gendarmerie, the forces of the mobile companies of intervention ,as well as the auxiliary forces, supervised by agents of the security of the territory took part in the attack. The provisional assessment is the following:

A) One person deceased: it is a old Sheik (guard of a building)

B) More than forty people were wounded, among them:

  1. El Harach Adbeija (seriously injured)
  2. Brahim Fdil
  3. Gali Mohamed Ali
  4. Halab Mohamed Mr.´Barek
  5. Ouadaa Loud Mokhktar
  6. Daoud Lahsen
  7. Lakhaal Maalainin
  8. Daoudi Salek
  9. Said Hdeid Alia
  10. Ahmed Fal Brahim
  11. Mohamed Boujemaa Leal
  12. Saleh Daida Mohamed-Salem

C) Tens of people disappeared, it is supposed they are hold in the following centers: detention center of the Criminal Investigation Department, detention center of the mobile companies of intervention, a warehouse in the Smara street...
According to concordant informations, the wounded people were rejected from hospitals and the doctors received order from the occupation authorities not to issue any medical certificate.

D) Several wounded would have been transported apart from the city where they would have been abandoned without care.
In addition, some witnesses affirm to have heard shootings near the ONEP (Office national des eaux potables)
Since the morning of September 22 the town of El Ayoun is submitted to the curfew and one fears that the situation will worsen.


In front of this serious situation the AFAPREDESA denounces and condemns vigorously the persistence of obvious violations of the human rights and the International Conventions the Kingdom of Morocco signed.

Under the terms of the international Pact of the human, civil and political rights, the international Pact of the economic, cultural and social rights, the Declaration against torture and other conventions, Morocco has the obligation to respect the peaceful expression of the Saharawi citizens under its occupation


AFAPREDESA launches an urgent call to the international opinion so that the criminal activities of the Moroccan occupying forces in the Western Sahara Occidental cease

Send messages to

United Nations
Kofi Annan
Secretary - General
United Nations, Room S-3800
New York, Ny 10017

King Mohamed VI
Palais Royal , RABAT - Morocco

Mr. James A. Baker: Special envoy of the Secretary-General of the United Nations for the Western Sahara
Baker & Botts 910 Louisiana, 38 HT floor

José María Aznar: President of the Spanish Government
Palacio of Moncloa 28071 Madrid España

William Eagleton: Special representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations for the Western Sahara
United Nations Palace

Mr. Driss Dahak: President of the advisory Council of the humans right
Place des Chouada. B P. 1341, RABAT - MOROCCO

Ministry for the Justice and the Humans right
Place Mamounia, Morocco Rabat
Tel.: (07) 73 29 41
Fax: (07) 73 07 72
Minister: Mr. Abderrahmane Amalou

Ministry for Foreign Affairs
Minister Mohamed Benaissa
Avenue Roosevelt -RABAT - Morocco
Such: (212 7) 76-28-41 / 76-11-25 / 76-25-50 / 76-21-95
Fax: (212 7) 76-55-08 / 76-46-79

Finnish presidency of the European Union
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