7th National youth meeting of Portugal, Lisbon

The Secretary General of UJSARIO (Sahrawi youth organization) and a representative of AFAPREDESA greeted participants in a Sahrawi tent erected at the site of the meeting. The assembly adopted two motions on Western Sahara. The first stated the Portuguese youth movement's support for the Sahrawi people and its youth. The second expressed support for the referendum campaign and, in the immediate term, participation in the "Vacation of Peace" action in which Sahrawi children will have a vacation outside of the refugee camps this summer. During a joint meeting of UJSARIO, the Spanish and Portuguese youth councils and RENETIL (East Timor student resistance), collaborative projects to participate in observer missions were discussed (a self-determination referendum in East Timor is scheduled for August 8, 1999).

AFAPREDESA's year 2000 campaign

The Campaign 2000 to free Sahrawi prisoners was launched following events held in solidarity with the Sahrawi disappeared, organized by the Baleares section of Amnesty International, the Baleares association for solidarity with the Sahrawi people and AFAPREDESA. The campaign will include sending post cards to Moroccan and Spanish authorities calling on them to respect international conventions, and interventions at the UN calling on it to demand prompt application of clauses to the Peace Plan regarding political and war prisoners. To participate in the campaign, contact AFAPREDESA, C/ Jose Ortega y Gasset Nº77-2ºA Tél.: ++ 34 914023204 - 917980807, Fax: 914028499 E-mail: afapredesa@derechos.org


A Moroccan delegation met with the HCR in Geneva to discuss the issue of Sahrawi refugee repatriation.


A Saharawi delegation participated to the meeting of the Swiss Socialist Party at Neuchâtel. In his speach Mr Malainine Saddick, minister counsellor to the presidency, remembered the history of the Saharawi people and the actual situation . He appealed to Switzerland to continue acting in favour of the implementation of the peace process. He also encountered briefly the Swiss Government President Mrs Ruth Dreyfuss and the leader of the Swiss Socialist Party Mrs Ursula Koch.

Moroccan Diplomacy

Mohamed Guedira, governor of Rabat, will be Ambassador to London. Fassi Fihri, former Secretary general of Foreign Ministry will be Ambassador to Washington.


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