Algerian declaration
Foreign Affairs Minister Ahmed Attaf declared concerning the evolution of the peace process in Wester Sahara that: James Baker's mission has clarified the matter. (...) there is something going on. the choice of a referendum as a solution for this conflict is accepted by the two parties. Now the Houston agreements have to be implemented. And if the two parties fullfill their committments, the W.S. conflict will be definitely solutioned by the way of the self-determination referendum" (El Watan).

Saharawi declaration
The Saharawi ambassador in Algeria notes that the Peace Process is still stopped by Morocco. The Polisario Front will never accept the perpetuation of the current situation of "no peace no war". It considers that the identification is completed, in conformity with the Houston agreements, and reaffirms its attachment to the peace plan and its will to cooperate with the U.N. Salek Bobih considers that the international Community has to force Morocco quickly and firmly to respect the international legacy (communique of the SADR Mission in Algeria).

The Saharawi Ambassador in Algeria met with the President of Algerian National Council. The talks turned about the bilateral relations and the W.S. Peace Plan. Both interlocutors insist on the necessity of an full and fair implementation of the Peace Plan.

53th session of the UN General Assembly
The Western Sahar conflict has been evoked in the speaches of several delegates. South Africa's President Nelson Mandela declared he wishes a quick solution for Western Sahara as well as for East Timor, in conformity with the interests of the concerned people. The President of Ghana, J. Rawlings, appealed to the Security Council to pursue its efforts for a fair aand free referendum. We do not want an African country colonising another African country, he added. The Foreign Affairs Minister of Zimbabwe, Namibia, Mozambique and Spain taalk in the same sense. Mr ould Salek, SADR Minister of Foreign Affairs is in New York for contacts with the delegations present at the U.N.

Morocco-Saharawi negociations: new round
The weekly newspaper Jeune Afrique (Paris) announced that the meeting between Morocco and the Polisario Front, under the care of Mr James Baker, will take place at Lisbon, before the end of October.

Morocco starts the referendum campaign
Basri, Moroccan Interior minister, on a unexpected 48-hour visit to Western Sahara's capital El Ayoun, said in a meeting with Saharawi tribe leaders and representatives of MINURSO: "Despite the existing differences over eligible voters of some Saharawi tribes, we expect the referendum to take place in April 1999 at the latest ". "From today on Morocco will launch a national mobilisation and a campaign to ensure the success of the U.N. sponsored referendum, which will undoubtedly confirm that these Sahara provinces are a Moroccan territory". Basri also disclosed that U.N. special envoy James Baker will bring together Moroccan officials and the Polisario Front for "a new round of talks in Lisbon (Portugal) in the coming two weeks" (Reuters).

SLU visit to Sweden
M. Ahmed Sidi Ali, responsible of international relations of the Saharawi Lawyers Union, was invited to Sweden in occasion of the elections. he met with Mrs Laila Freivalds, Minister of Justice, with Swedish Deputees and representatives of the Olof Palme International Center.

53th session of the UN General Assembly
Regarding Western Sahara, Mr Filali, Moroccan minister of Foreign affairs, said "the evolution of the referendum process was still experiencing difficulties. Since it began, the identification operation had been stalled due to the other party's refusal to take part in the identification of a large number of candidates, although it had no right to do so. Those candidates had fulfilled the criteria agreed to by both parties".



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