Fifth ordinary session of the Polisario Front National Secretariate

The National Secretariate noticed that the Peace Plan is late because of the attitude of Morocco which is opposed to the settlement of a fair and free self-determination referendum. Morocco does not respect the Houston agreement and tries to mislead the international opinion. The Polisario Front is still convinced that the international community is willing to find a fair and lasting solution to the conflict. It reaffirms its attachment to the settlement Plan and the Houston agreements. It appeals to the United Nations to assume its responsibility and realize the Peace Plan. The communique of the SADR Ministry of Information concludes: "the failure of the UN would be devastating for the credibility of the international organisation as well as for the region and for peace."

Forum 98

The association "Forum 98", created by the Swiss Confederation in occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Declaration of Human Rights, organized in Geneva a 3 days meeting with international NGOs about the worldwide situation of Human Rights. On invitation of the organization 2 members of the Saharawi Union of Lawyers and the President of AFAPREDESA (Association of Families of Saharawi Prisoners and Disappeared) participated to the meeting. The Forum 98 adopted the "Declaration of Geneva" about further actions to reinforce the respect of human rights and particularly those of human rights defensors.

12th summit of Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), Durban, S.A.

At the end of their summit, NAM member-countries adopted a resolution hailing the progress made for the settlement of the Sahara issue and renewed backing to the UN efforts for holding an impartial and free referendum in the Sahara in conformity with the UN plan, the Houston Accords and the relevant security council resolutions.
On this occasion the Saharawi delegation, leaded by Mr Mohamed Salem Ould Salek, SADR Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, hold talks with Foreign affairs ministers of many countries. SADR is wether NAM member nor observer. In a communique (french) published SADR ministry of Information (french, durban1.htm) denied untrue allegations of Moroccan media pretending that the Saharawi delegation was evicted from the summit.

Council of Europe

The delegation of the Council of Europe, visiting Morocco, hold talks with members of the Moroccan consultative Council of Human Rights. With the Interior minister Driss Basri the delegates spoke about the evolution of the Western Sahara matter. Driss Basri declared that "Morocco will act in conformity with the international laws respecting the rights of the Saharawi populations."(Ach-Chark al-Awsat, Saudi Arabia)

(fulltext french)
"The MINURSO completed the identification of 147 000 people wishing to take part in the referendum except for members of the three contested tribal groupings H 41, H61 and J51/52."

Some press agencies announced that former U.S. Secretary of State James Baker is expected in the region early this month to resolve the differences between Morocco and the Polisario Front concerning the peace plan. This information has not been confirmed at the New York UN headquarters.


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