In a meeting, which took place on March 7, in Vitoria, Basque country, Spain, 65 participants from NGOs involved in humanitarian support to the Saharawi refugees, a plan for the repatriation of the refugees was worked out and formulated as «BORRADOR DEL PLAN DE RETORNO»
This paper resumes the main principals of this important part of the Peace Plan. The main points are: the warranty of a free choice for the refugees, the possibility to stay in the liberated territories, the travel by road with all personal properties, the warranty of security and health-care, the repatriation of all refugees. The extensive project insists on a good preparation and information in order to make the refugees feel secure. It plans 8 intermediary camps and 5 definitive camps in Tifariti, Bir Lehlu, Meheris, Mijek and Agüenit provided with all necessary infrastructures. The project was transmitted to the UNHCR as a basic paper for the collaboration between NGOs, Saharawi authorities and the HCR.
More informations: Oficina de Coordinacion sanitaria, c/Gen. Alava no 7, Galerias Itaka Sotano no 10, E-01005 Vitoria-Gasteiz, Tf-fax: +34 945 14 64 90, e-mail: tlpgahij@vc.ehu.es .

A Parliamentary group involving members of the main political parties visited the refugee camps as an initiative of the Spanish Youth Council. The deputees were informed about the progress of the identification and went to the liberated territories. They also held talks with Saharawi responsibles including President Mohamed Abdelaziz.


In occasion of its annual meeting the Socialist Party of Geneva adopted a resolution supporting the Saharawi people in its struggle for independance and asking the Swiss government to send international observers for the referendum.


According to the Swedish national radio, related by MAP, the Swedish government suspended the participation of the Swedish military mission for demining in W.S.. The Swedish experts consider that two months (as planned by the UN) are not enough to realize this operation.

54th session of U.N. Human Rights Commission

Under point 16, (Minority Rights) the Federación Latinoamericana de Asociaciones de Familiares de Detenidos-Desaparecidos FEDEFAM declared in Western Sahara, where a referendum on self-determination was set to take place, arbitrary detention and the blocking of the identification of voters were being carried out by Moroccan authorities.

Peace plan

The meeting of Ch. Dunbar, on March 28, with the Moroccan authorities, and on March 30 with the Polisario responsibles in Tindouf, as well as his contacts with James Baker are interpreted by the Moroccan newspaper Al Ittihad al Ichtiraki, USFP, as signs of the imminence of a second meeting in Houston.

Identification stopped for some hours in El Ayoun «because of the obstruction of the Polisario», according to MAP.

54th session of U.N. Human Rights Commission

Point 8 , arbitrary arrests and forced disappearance: testimony of Mohamed Benou, condemmned 1993 to 20 years of jail, with 5 other Saharawis, including Keltoum El Ouanat, for their participation to a non-violent manifestation against Moroccan occupation and in favour of the Peace Plan. He told about the inhuman conditions and tortures in the Moroccan prisons.


Effectives on April first 1998 :

Military staff = 219
Civilian Police = 79
Civilian staff = 325 (244 international + 81 local )
TOTAL = 623

Demining campaign:

The operations did not yet begin. The Pakistany staff should arrive in April and begin to work in May.

Balance of identification at April 2 1998 :

Identified persons since Decembre 3 1997 = 41.375
Identified persons since August 1994 = 101.487


Catalonia, Spain
The referendum support campaign is going on. About 300 individuals are visiting the refugee camps from April 9 to 13 and will participate to a cultural festival in the Smara camp. Collecting of humanitarian support is also going on and a catalan caravan is planned.

Cuges les Pins, France
Following others the little city has signed the Solidarity Charta adressed to the UN and the French government.

Paris, France
The «Groupe d'études de l'Assemblée nationale sur le Sahara Occidental» composed of numerous deputees of different parties was created and will meet soon with the Polisario representative in France.

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