Prisoners of war visited by ICRC

Five ICRC delegates visited 1,227 Moroccan prisoners detained by the Polisario Front near Tindouf, Algeria. The visits took place between 14 and 22 November. Under agreements reached between the ICRC and the Polisario Front, delegates have been authorized to see all 1,905 registered prisoners over a period of one year. The next visit to the prisoners is due to take place in March 1998. The release of ICRC does not mention the 85 prisoners liberated by the Polisario Front on April 27 1997, in occasion of the visit of James Baker. They still are not accepted by Morocco.


The AFAPREDESA (Association of Families of Prisoners and Disappeared Sahrawis, a Sahrawi NGO) announces the arrest on Dec. 2 at Dakhla (occupied Western Sahara) of Boussef Abderrahman Brahim, born 1948 at Smara, W.S., and of Ali Salem Mohamed Salem El Mami (Tamek), born 1974 at Assa (South Morocco). Tamek was previously arrested in 1992 and sentenced, with 4 others Sahrawis, to 5 year's imprisonment for attempting to flee WesternSahara. The two Sahrawis were brought to various detention centers where they should be tortured and interrogated.
Amnesty international started an urgent action on Dec. 10, asking its members to contact the Moroccan Minister of Interior, the Moroccan Minister of Justice and the President of the Consultative Council for Human Rights in Rabat.


A second identification center opened at Dakhla in the Sahrawi refugee camps. There are now 4 identification centers at work.


The above mentionned two Saharawis Ali Salem Mohamed Salem Mami (Tamek ) and Boussef Abderrahman Brahim were liberated at El Ayun (main city of the occupied Western Sahara ), after beeing interrogated and tortured in several secret detention centers during 10 days (DST at Dakhla, PC CMI at El Ayun) (AFAPREDESA).

18.12.-20.12.97 Guernica-Lumo

The development education program "Shertat, tales for Western Sahara" will go on in the city of Guernica, Bask country, Spain, from December 18 to 20. A traditional Sahrawi tent will be installed, in which public lectures of tales will take place, followed by other manifestations like exhibitions and movies about the situation in W.S. and a Sahrawi party.


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