The meeting of the Arab Ministers of Justice takes back the adoption of a cooperation agreement about antiterrorism struggle in order to study it more deeply. The 17 Ministers have examined the opposition of some members, among them Morocco, the Palestinian Authority and Saudi Arabia. Morocco cannot accept the clause declaring that actions of armed fights against foreign occupation in order to liberate territories or to obtain the right of self-determination are not considered as crimes.


According to AFAPREDESA, pressions were made on former Saharawi disappeared people, liberated in June 1991. These persons were contacted by officials of the Moroccan police and interrogated about their relations and the conditions of their "disappearance".

Human Rights

The Moroccan Association of Human Rights protests in a open letter to the Minister of Interior against the constant interferences to free movements of former political detainees, syndicalists and citizen with political, trade union or associative activities, as well as their families, which still have no passeport.


The general assembly of the Association of friends of the Saharawi people of Catalonia declares in its meeting to be satisfied about the Houston agreements and congratulates the Polisario Front for its attitude. It decides to create a large organization of all parts of the catalan population in order to support the Saharawis during the referendum campaign.


In Villarobledo, Albacete, Castilla-La Mancha, Spain, took place a Saharawi week with the presentation of a new newspaper "Salam", the exhibition of photos and traditional Saharawi handicraft in a desert tent, as well as some artistical activities. School material was collected.


The delegate of the Government of Castilla La Mancha declared that the Spanish government would give some facilities for obtaining visas for Saharawi children coming to Spain for holidays and also humanitarian help.

Identification resumes

The United Nations Mission for the Referendum in Western Sahara (MINURSO) resumed the voter identification process.
According to United Nations Spokesman Fred Eckhard, the identification of voters began at two MINURSO centres at El Ayoun in the occupied part and the refugee camp of Smara. Two other centers, in Smara and the refugee camp of Dakhla will open next week. A total of 12 identification centres are scheduled for operation by February, including two in southern Morocco, two in Mauritania, two in the territory of Western Sahara, and two in the Tindouf area. Each centre will be staffed by two observers from each of the parties, one from the Organization of African Unity (OAU), and 8 to 10 MINURSO personnel.
According to the President of the Identification Commission R. F. Kinloch, the identification has been resumed in good conditions. He estimed that 60 to 80 applicants could be identified each day and even more.
In a communique the Saharawi Human Rights organization AFAPREDESA declared that some Saharawi applicants, living in the occupied Western Sahara and in France or Spain, did not receive their notice, which should have been sent to them 3 or 4 weeks before the convocation.

05.12.97 Mr Ahmed Osman president of the Moroccan party RNI, former Prime Minister and brother in law of Hassan II, declared in an interview with Mrs Judy Cumberbath of "Or MÈdia": "The referendum can only confim the historical, political and human reality of the morocanity of the Sahara. The so-called SADR must be excluded from the OAU before the UN referendum."


209 applicants have been identified in the office of El Ayoun during the 2 first days.


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