WEEKS 32-33




14th World Festival of Youth and Students, La Havanna, Cuba

A Sahrawi delegation of 30 persons, headed by the secretary general of the UJSARIO (Polisario Youth Organization) Mohamed Mawlud Mohamed Fadel, participates in the cultural manifestations and in the meetings with other delegations. The Moroccan representatives boycott the last session, the final declaration being read by a member of the Sahrawi delegation.


UNHCR is sending two technical teams to update its repatriation plan for the region. The first team will visit Western Sahara itself and the Tindouf region of Algeria. It will also go to Mauritania and will deal with issues such as health provisions for refugees, telecommunications and logistics (August 6-22). The second mission will arrive in Tindouf on August 9 (mission ends Aug 31) and will be seeking to talk to sample groups of refugees, ascertain their willingness to go back and find out exactly which area of Western Sahara they'll be returning to. This will enable to decide on forms of transport, where reception facilities should be located, etc.

Moroccan elections

The Moroccan independent weekly La Vie Economique points out that, in the last report of the national elections follow up committee, the next Parliament will be composed by 300 members elected by direct universal suffrage "and three other honorary members representing the South provinces". The newspaper asks if the next legislative elections would not concern the Moroccan Western Sahara, and if notabilities could be designated to have a seat in the Parliament with a particular status, till the UN referendum settles once and for all the sovereignty question ?



ConfÈrence rÈgionale de l'AfPiC (Action for Peoples in Conflict).

RÈpondre aux besoins du peuple sahraoui

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