Socialist International

At the meeting of the African committee of the S.I. at Dakar, Senegal, Pierre Mauroy, French S.I. chairman of the organisation, declares that the return of Morocco to the OAU is necessary. He adds that the S.I. supports the wish of the Socialist Union of Popular Forces, Moroccan opposition party member of the S.I., which appeals the organization's members to work for the return of Morocco to the OAU.

Visit of the French Minister of Foreign Affairs to Morocco

After the arrival to power of the French left, this visit was very expected by the Moroccans in order to clear up the the Moroccan fears of a change in the politics of the new French government . To the press the Foreign Affairs minister declares that the relations between the two countries are "of an exceptional nature and quality". "I will try to strengthen our cooperation, it will be a reference partnership", adds Mr. Vedrine. On July 28 the French minister meets King Hassan II in his Skhirat residence. Vedrine discusses also with the Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Abdellatif Filali, with the Interior Minister Driss Basri and the Finance Minister Mohamed Kabbaj. On the point of leaving Vedrine reaffirms that Morocco is an "important partner, which is very important in the French foreign policy". In a press release the French ministery of foreign affairs declares, on July 30, that "going to Morocco, our reference partner in the region, Vedrine has wished to reaffirm the continuity of the excellence of the Moroccan-French relations".

MINURSO: nomination

The Austrian General Bernd Lubenik will replace, on August 1, the Portugese Jorge Barroso de Moura at the head of the MINURSO.

South Africa

In an interview in the French weekly Jeune Afrique, Thabo Mbeki, South-African vice-president, considers that the solution to the Western Sahara problem consists in the application of the UN and OUA resolutions. "Talks between the government of Morocco and the Polisario are necessary to succeed ", he declares. "We wish that (the current mediation of James Baker) will soon result positive", adding: "We appealed the Moroccan government to overrun some blocking points, like the identification of the electorate".


The Sahrawi government met on July 23 with the delegation which participated to the London negociations to study their results.

A conference on health, organized by the Ministery of Health, took place these days in the camps in the presence of the Health Minister Mr. Bulahi Sid. This conference will study the improvement of the health system and establish projects for 1998.


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