Selfdetermination of colonized people
On July 18 Mr Bachir Mustafa Sayed explained in a contribution to a Conference at the Barcelona University the historical evolution of the Saharawi question analysing also the latest developments after the Morocco-Polisario meetings in Lisbon and London. (full text spanish - conclusions french ).

London talks between Morocco and Polisario

After two days of direct secret talks between the Polisario Front and Morocco in London, attended by Algerian and Mauritanian observers, James Baker said that the compromise bridging proposals, which were put forward by the UN at the Lisbon meeting, had been accepted by the parties. He did not disclose the contents of those proposals, but stressed that an agreement had been reached on the question of "identification", on the issue of refugees, which would be taken in hand by the UNHCR, in cooperation with the two observer countries, Algeria and Mauritania and on confinement of troops.
Baker said: "We're operating under a procedure whereby nothing is agreed until everything is agreed," but he remained cautious. "I wouldn't put odds on the chances for an agreement this year. This dispute has proven very very intractable ", he concluded.

Saharawi declaration

The Saharawi Representative at the UN A. Boukhari declared that the Saharawi part is ready to continue the discussions. The meetings of London have been open and intense, he added.

Bakers declaration
In a related development, Mr. Baker, who briefed the Security Council, told the press that some progress had been made in negotiations with the POLISARIO Front and the Government of Morocco concerning Western Sahara. He noted, however, that there was still quite a way to go. U.N. envoy James Baker said he could not yet determine whether it would be possible to carry out a long- delayed U.N. peace plan for Western Sahara involving a referendum on the future of the former Spanish colony. "I'm not yet in a position to answer the Secretary General's question: Can the settlement plan be implemented either with or without adjustments. It's still too early to tell that", Mr. Baker said. A third round of talks will be held in August 29 and 30, probably in Lisbon.

Declaration of the President of the Security Council
Members of the Security Council expressed their full support for the UN Secretary-General and his Personal Envoy for Western Sahara, Mr. James Baker III, in their search for a solution to the Western Sahara problem. In a statement to the press, Council President Ambassador Peter Osvald of Sweden said that Security Council members commended the parties for their constructive steps so far and called upon them to continue to cooperate fully with the efforts of the Secretary-General.


The AFAPREDESA announces the disappareance of Mr. Knebila Mokhtar ben Mohamed Ali some 20 days ago. Living in El Ayun this Saharawi citizen had been arrested several times. The Saharawi Association of the Families of Prisoners and Disappeared persons told last 30 mai about the disappearance of Mr Hammad Ali Hammad after having been arrested by the police on May 26. He has been liberated recently after heavy tortures and cannot use his legs now. He is 37 years old and father of two daughters.



Museo nacional del pueblo saharaui ( Virtual Museum):
A web site created by the University of Gerona, Spain, as a part of the Saharawi National Museum which will be inaugurated soon in the refugee camps by this university.

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