Workers solidarity, 03.07.97
Meeting in Madrid on occasion of a Solidarity Conference of Trade Unions with the UGTSARIO, the Saharawi trade union, members of trade unions from Spain, Portugal, Greece, France, Italy and Algeria declared in a Declaration their solidarity with the Saharawi people. ( full text french or spanish)

Declaration of a relative of King Hassan II

In a press release, Ahmed Osman, brother in law of the King of Morocco, warns James Baker: if he is looking for means to resolve the impediments of the peace plan, o.k. But if he pretends to look for other solutions he will never be successful. In his mind the Western Sahara problem is always " a false problem between Algeria and Morocco".

Relations between Belgium and Morocco

The chief of the diplomacy of Belgium is on a 3 days visit to Morocco during which several bilateral agreements are signed.

Relations between France and Morocco

The French Ambassador in Morocco M. de Bonnecorse announces that at the end of this year the Prime Ministers of both countries will met for the first time. The French Minister of Economy, Finance and Industry will visit Morocco in next autumn.

Violation of the cease-fire

The Polisario Front denounces in a letter to S.G. Kofi Annan a violations of the cease-fire, on July 12. Moroccan airplanes flew over Saharawi positions in the region of Agwenit. Mr Mohamed Abdelaziz protests vigorously and asks the S.G. to take measures in order to stop these violations of the cease-fire. The Saharawi President insists that it is a deliberate action of the Moroccan government some days before the encounter of London which is crucial for a final peace in W.S.

Morocco - Polisario negociations
The Spokesman for the Secretary-General announces that , following the first round of direct talks in Lisbon between the Government of Morocco and the Frente Polisario, under the auspices of the Secretary-General's Personal Envoy for Western Sahara, James A. Baker III, the two parties have been invited to meet in London on 19 and 20 July. As before, Algeria and Mauritania will attend as observers. "The talks will again be convened under the auspices of the Personal Envoy, who will facilitate the work of the parties. The talks will still focus on implementation of the settlement plan or such adjustments to it as the parties may agree, and will continue for so long as they hold any promise of progress in Mr. Baker's opinion."

Venezuelan declaration

The Committee for Foreign Policy of the Venezuelan Parliament supports, in a declaration, the initiative of the UN S.G. in order to encourage the dialogue between Morocco and the Polisario Front as well as the efforts of his special envoy James Baker.

Prime Minister Filali goes to London

The Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs announces that Prime Minster Abdellatif Filali is going tomorrow to London to participate to the talks between Morocco and the Polisario Front. Rabat qualifies this encounter as " private contacts about the implementation of the UN peace plan under the auspices of James Baker" Filali will be accompagnied by the Ambassador at the UN Ahmed Snoussi and the military Commander of the south region, including Western Sahara, general Abdelaziz Bennani. It is the first time that a high grade Moroccan military participates to the contacts with the Polisario.
The Saharawi delegation includes Prime Minister Mahfoud Ali Beiba, the Minister of Defense Brahim Ghali, M'hamed Khaddad and Ahmed Boukhari.

London talks

The first session begins at 9.30 a.m. at Carlton House in presence of the observers, Mr Attaf, minister of Foreign Affairs of Algeria and Mr Ahmed Ould Minnih, Minister- Secretary General of the Mauritanian Presidence. The discussions continue after lunch till the evening and will go on on Sunday 20. All participants use great discreetness. Mr James Baker will inform the Security Council on Monday 21.07.

News from the refugee camps

About 7'000 Saharawi children spend their school holydays in Europe (most of them in Spain), on invitation of different solidarity groups, twinned municipalities etc. More than 400 children aged from 7 to 14 years arrived by plane at Las Palmas de Gran Canaria where they received an enthousiastic welcome by the families where they will stay for two monthes. Some of the families participate regularly for years to this action and stayed also in the refugee camps.


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