Free trade agreement
Morocco signed on June 19 th, in Geneva, a free trade agreement with the EFTA, which includes Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein.

Relations between France and Morocco
After the visit in Paris on June 26 of the Moroccan Minister of Interior Driss Basri , who met Minister J.-P. ChevËnement, the French Minister of Foreign affairs H. VÈdrine, one of the " friends " of Morocco (vice-president of the Cercle d'amitiÈ franco-marocaine), will travel to Morocco at the end of July.

Relations between Algeria and South Africa

After a two days visit in Algeria of Mr Thabo Mbeki, Vice-President of the South African Republic, the two countries reaffirmed their support to the Saharawi cause and exprimed their satisfaction about the initiatives of the United Nations in order to relaunch the Peace Plan. They told they were pleased with the nomination of James Baker and encouraged Morocco and the Polisario to continue the direct talks in order to bring back a truthfull climate which is necessary for the organisation of a fair, free and credible referendum. South africa will open soon an embassy in Algiers.

Morocco - Polisario negociations

The next round of direct negociations between Morocco and the Polisario will take place in London on july 19 and 20. Both parties and also the observers have accepted the invitation of Secretary General Kofi Annan.


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