Amnesty International Report
In its annual Report A.I mentions deaths of prisoners in jail under torture or bad conditions in Morocco and occupied Western Sahara. There are thousands of prisoners of conscience in Morocco and W.S. Last years 6 persons were liberated by royal decision among them Kelthoum El Ouanat.

23 - 24. 06 97 Morocco - Polisario negociations in Lisbon

The Saharawi delegation is leaded by Mr.Mahfoud Ali Beiba, Prime Minister of the Sahrawi Arab democratic Republic SADR, and includes Mr Brahim Ghali , Minister of Defense, Mr Mohamed Haddad , Coordinator with MINURSO, Mr Ahmed Boukhari, Polisario Representative at U.N., Mr Bachir SghaÔr, Polisario Representative in Germany.
The Moroccan delegation is leaded by Prime Minister Abdelatif Filali, accompanied by Mr Ahmed Snoussi, Representative at UN, Mr. Aziz Hasbi, legal adviser of the Ministry of Interior and Mrs. Amal Rafuk, principal private secretary of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Mr Serradji. The Moroccan delegation met King Hassan II before leaving in order to take his "highest instructions".
The negociations begin at the St Julian de la Barra fortress, about 10 km from Lisbon. The UN envoy is accompanied by Mr. John R. Bolton and Erik Jensen. The subject of the discussions are essentially the problems of voter identification. In a first time the observers, Mr. Ahmed Attaf for the Algerian delegation and Mr. Ahmed uld Minni for the Mauritanian delegation are present.
Instructions have been given by the UN to prevent any contact between the medias and the delegations.

Declaration Baker
After two days Mr. James Baker, in a short press briefing, announced to everyone's surprise the postponement of the negociations."Some adjustments to the peace plan have been discussed", he added. Baker said that the proposals were partially based on the existing plan but also contained new elements and that the two sides needed to return home to consult with political leaders after he had put forward some "bridging proposals" . However, he added that he was now more optimistic about the prospects for a peaceful resolution to the dispute after the two days of discussions. If the response of the two parts is positive rapidely, a new round of direct talks could be convened as early as mid-July declared Baker.

The Polisario representative in Madrid imputes the postponement of the negociations to Morocco. According to Omar Mansour the Moroccan delegation asked for the break of the talks in order to study the new proposals of Baker. " The Saharawi part has no objection to resume the negociations" he adds.
According to generally well informed sources the next round of negociations will take place on July 18 in Lisbon again.

President Bill Clinton, after his speach to the UN Earth Summit met UN Secretary General Kofi Annan to discuss among others the UN peacekeeping or diplomatic efforts in Cyprus, Western Sahara and East Timor.


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