June 1997
Human Rights

The Canadian Association for International Human Rights publishes a report on Western Sahara.
In February and March 1997, a representative of the Canadian Lawyers Association for International Human Rights ("CLAIHR") participated in a fact-finding mission to Algiers and Western Sahara refugee camps near Tindouf, Algeria. The mission was initiated and organized by Lord Christopher Winchilsea of the British House of Lords, founder of the Saharawan Aid Trust. The participants were: Ron Laybourne, Trustee of The Saharawan Aid Trust, Dr. Wayne Smith, President of The Friendship Force, Senator J.A. LeMaistre Senator, Jersey, Channel Islands, James Earl Carter III, from The Carter Center, Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia, Peter E. Tyrer, Chief Executive of Action for Peoples in Conflict, and Lawrence E. Thacker, barrister, CLAIHR Representative.
CLAIHR was invited to participate in the mission as a result of its extensive research and advocacy work concerning the Western Sahara self-determination question. This mission was Part I of CLAIHR's fact-finding activities. In Fall 1997, CLAIHR intends to conduct a fact-finding mission to Morocco and Western Sahara.

Morocco will attend the UN sponsored meeting in Lisbon, according to a senior Moroccan diplomat, who asked not to be named, cited by Reuter.

Humanitarian help

The European Community Humanitarian Office ECHO has renewed for this year its aid of ECU 7 millions for the Sahrawi refugees.

Recognition retired

Togo retired its recognition of the SADR.

A Sahrawi delegation, headed by Information minister Khatry Addouh, participate to the 8th conference of the African information ministers, which starts its proceedings in Cairo .


The Secretary for International Affairs of the Austrian Socialist Party, Albrecht Konecny, declared, after the London meeting between Morocco and the Polisario, that it was time to go ahead with the implementation of the peace plan. He greeted in the name of his party the efforts of Special Envoy James Baker, adding that there are still many hindrances on the way of peace. But the cooperation of both parties give hope. The role of the U.N and their members will be very important and Austria can and must participate.

Security Council

After hearing a briefing on Western Sahara by UN Under-Secretary- General for Political Affairs Kieran Prendergast, the Members of the Security Council expressed satisfaction that the parties agreed to hold direct private talks in Lisbon on 23 June under the auspices of UN Secretary-General through his special envoy.


Lisbon negociations
The latest news will be daily available on the special page: http://www.arso.org/Lisb.htm

Short news from the refugee camps and the liberated territories of SADR

During the Moroccan municipal elections also held in the occupied territories, street manifestations took place in El Ayun on June 12th: independists with SADR flags shouting slogans in favour of the Polisario and against the Moroccan invaders.

In occasion of the commemoration of the 22th anniversary of the death of Roque Dalton the SADR was awarded the Roque Dalton medal by the Salvadorian Cultural and Scientific Cooperation Council, for its struggle for independance.




International conference of support to the peace plan in Western Sahara, 25-28.9.1997, refugee camps near Tinduf (informations at Asociacion Amigos del Pueblo Saharaui, Madrid, phone/fax +34 1 531 28 29)

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