Martyr Day

Like every year, this day was commemorated in the refugee camps. It coincides with the anniversary of the death of the first leader of the Polisario Front El Wali Mustafa Sayed fallen on the battlefield 1976.

London meeting I

During four sessions of two hours each, James Baker meets successively the Moroccan, Saharawi, Algerian and Mauritanian delegations at Carlton House. The Moroccan delegation ist directed by Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Abdelatif Filali accompanied by the ambassador at UN Ahmed Senoussi and Khalil Haddaoui ambassador of Morocco in the UK. Bachir Mustafa Sayed is the head of the Saharawi delegation which includes Ahmed Bukhari representatives at UN, Mohamed Khaddad, coordinator with MINURSO, Brahim Mokhtar and Brahim SghaÔr, representative of the Polisario Front in UK and Germany. From Algeria there is the Minister of Foreign Affairs Ahmed Attaf and from Mauritania Minister- Secretary General of the Presidence Ahmed ould Minnih.
Before the meeting Bachir M. Sayed repeats that the Saharawi objective is the national independance and a good neighbourhood agreement with Morocco.

London meeting II

Next day, after an other encounter with the Moroccans and the Saharawis, Baker announces that the discussions have convinced him that the UN peace plan cannot be implemented without direct discussions between tMorocco and the Polisario Front. He feels optimistic but prudent. He reveals that the two parts are ready for concessions and that any autonomy status is out of discussion. Morocco agrees to take back 50 to 60'000 voter registration demands ( for remember: Morocco deposed 181'000 demands, 142'000 of them are not included in the Spanish census of 1974, 42'000 settled in W.S. in 1991 and 100'000 still living in Morocco). The Polisario Front accepts to resume the identification process still maintaining its reservations about some criterias.
The UN Secretary General convokes the same day by letters Morocco and the Saharawis for direct negociations in Lisboa on next 23 - 25 of June. Algeria and Mauritania are also invited as observers. The confirmation has to be given untill June 17.
The aim of the next round of discussions is to review the numerous obstacles to the implementation of the peace plan in order to find solutions. The talks will be confidential and supposed to end with a global agreement.
The Saharawi part reacted immediately and positively by a declaration of Bachir Mustafa Sayed ( french or spanish ). According to an official Moroccan source cited by MAP : " It was agreed to hold, on June 23 and 24, private technical contacts in order to resolve the problems posed by the other part (....)."


Festival of Basque pelota (= national sport) in Berriz Bizkaia for foundraising for the reception of Saharawi children this summer.

Short news from the refugee camps and liberated territories of SADR

The Saharawi Prime Minister congratulates Lionel Jospin new French Prime Minister for his victory at the elections and call him again the important part France can take in order to restore peace in the Maghreb. The Saharawi Minister of Foreign Affairs did the same for his French homologue.

New ambassador Habib Boukhreis presented his credentials as extraordinary and plenipotentiary ambassador to the President of Mauritius.

End of the school year
Hundreds of children will have no opportunity to go to sea or mountain holidays. They will have to suffer temperatures about 48-50 degrees Celsius. Entertaining, cultural and sports activities will be organized in the camps and the liberated territories for all them staying home.


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