OAU summit

In his speech at the opening of the 33th session of the OAU summit in Harare (Zimbabwe), the UN Secretary General K. Annan affirmed that the United Nations have increased its efforts to solve the Western Sahara question.


According to a report of the Ministery of Foreign Affairs exposed at the Senate, the Spanish government estimes that the Western Sahara conflict is a decolonization matter and will only be resolved by a fair and free self determination referendum for the Sahrawi people.

Two days visit of Moroccan Prime Minister in Spain, with essentially economical purposes (Morocco's debt to Spain is of 2 billions US$).

Morocco and Polisario to meet in London

Former U.S. Secretary of State James Baker convoked the two parties involved in the dispute over the Western Sahara for talks in London, scheduled for June 11 and 12. The UN Special Envoy will meet separately the representatives of Morocco and of the Polisario Front, before the discussions to which Algeria and Mauritania will also assist as observers. The encounters are organized by the Foreign Office and the UN Office in London. The Polisario Front immediately accepted the invitation. Till June 9 there was no declaration from the Moroccan government.

San Sebastian Conference

The International Conference on information and communication about Western Sahara brought together some 150 people from all continents. At the opening session the Mayor of the Spanish city denounced the "wall of silence" which surrounds the W.S. conflict. The chief of Information Section of the OAU, Mr. D. Orjiako, traansmitted the support of his organization and the greetings of its Secretary general Mr Salim Ahmed Salim. The intervening specialists, reporters and professionnals of medias from India, Algeria, Mexico and the United States analysed what Mr Ash Narain Roy named a "conspiracy of silence" and showed some possibilities how to break it. The conclusions of the two days workshops are drawn up in a final document which will be available soon and we will bring up again later.

International Day of solidarity with the disappeared Sahrawi

In occasion of the International Day of solidarity with the disappeared Sahrawi the AFAPREDESA, in a press release,exprimes its preoccupation because of the persistent violations of Human Rights in Western Sahara. The Moroccan occupants are committing serious violations of H.R., especially forced disappearency, arbitrary arrests, unfair trials, political crimes, limitation of freedom of movement and of freedom of expression.


La UniŪn General de Trabajadores (UGT) y la ConfederaciŪn Sindical de Comisiones Obreras (CC.OO) van a organizar en Madrid, el dĢa 3 de julio, una CONFERENCIA SINDICAL DE SOLIDARIDAD CON EL PUEBLO SAHARAUI. La Conferencia tendr· lugar el 3 de julio de 1997 en la Escuela Sindical Juli·n Besteiro- UGT calle Azcona 53. Madrid

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Sahara: Baker, Jospin et le Polisario, Soudan F., Jeune Afrique, Paris, No 1900, 4 - 10 juin 1997, p.XI

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