Human Rights Committee of the UN, 53th session, 10.3.-18.3.97, Geneva.
Under item 10, Human Rights violations and fundmental Rights particularly in colonized or occupied territories, the Spanish NGO "FederaciŪn de Asociaciones de Defensa y PromociŪn de los Derechos Humanos" asked the Committe to organize an International Conference in order to realize rapidly the referendum for self-determination of the Sahrawi people.

Ministry Conference of Nonaligned Countries, New Dehli, 7 to 8 April 1997
Concerning Western Sahara, the Ministers reaffirm in the final declaration their support of the UN for the organisation of a fair, free and impartial referendum according to the Resolutions od the Security Council. A Sahrawi delegation under the leading of Mr Malainine Sadik, Minister Councellor of the Sahrawi Presidence assited to the Conference.

MINURSO financing for 1997-98

The UN Commission for financial and administrative matters propose to the General Assembly a budget of 29 millions of US$ for the financing of MINURSO from 1.7.97 to 30.6.98.

James Baker on trip

The S.G. Special Representative begins on April 22 his first trip in the region. He will meet the Moroccan Governement, Responsibles of the F. POLISARIO and members of the Algerian and Mauritanian Governements.

Petition to the World Health Organisation

The Committee for Adoption of Political Prisoners in Morocco, UK, is launching a petition to send to the World Health Organisation. The situation is getting worse in Moroccan prisons according to reports of Moroccan Human Rights Organisations OMDH and AMDH. Men and women are dying every day in prison, they are tortured, have no medicine and only minimal health care, infectious diseases like tuberculosis are reappearing, suspicious death are not investigated...Petition forms can be asked at : Western Sahara Campaign, Oxford Chambers, Oxford Place, Leeds LS1 3AX, tel/fax: 0113 245 4786.


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