Human Rights Committee of the UN, 53th session, 10.3.-18.4.97
item 7: Right to Self-Determination
The Committee adopted the draft resolution on Western Sahara. It reaffirms that the objective all partners did subscribe to, is the implementation of a fair and free and impartial referendum for the people of Western Sahara. It repeats the responsibility of the U.N. regarding this people, declares to be convinced of the importance and utility of contacts between the two parties in conflict and encourages Morocco and the Polisario Front to begin as soon as possible direct talks.

item 8: Detention, Torture and Disappearance
The International Association of Democratic Lawyers made an intervention denouncing the H.R. situation in the occupied territories and specially of the former detainees liberated in 1991 by the Moroccan authorities. Its representative explained that the liberated people are always subject to intimidations. Some of them have been arrested once more and put in the secret detention center of the CMI. They received no compensation for their suffering during forced disappearance. They are under house arrest. The Association evoqued also the case of Mohamed Daddach and appealed for the creation of an independent inquiry committee about arbitrary detention and forced desappearances in Western Sahara.

Fishing port at Dahkla

Morocco begins the construction of the fishing port of Dakhla, supposed to become the biggest of Western Africa. It will contribute to the development of the region and of the Moroccan fishing fleet. The construction of the port will be achieved in 1999 and will cost 70 millions of $. The Rumanian company Contrasimex is entrusted with the work. This project takes part of Moroccan policy of assimilation of Western Sahara. (Diario de Cadix)


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