About the eventual nomination of James Baker: reactions (07.03.97)
The Moroccan Minister of Foreign Affairs declared to be in favour of Baker as UN special representative for Western Sahara. The representative of the Polisario Front at the U.N. considers it as "a great step on the way to resolve the conflict."

International Women's Day (08.03.97)
A delegation of NUSW (National Union of Sahrawi Women) visited Sevilla, Spain. They met many official representatives and members of women organizations of Andalusia. These encounters allowed also the implementation of cooperation projects for Sahrawi women. At this occasion the NUSW received the award of the International Women's Day of Andalusia.

Polisario expresses readiness to cooperate with UN mission

After the meeting of the Secretary-general with the Sahrawi representatives M'hamad Khaddad and Achmed Boukhari, the Polisario Front has expressed readiness to cooperate with the UN Secretary-general in efforts to eliminate the inaction preventing the implementation of the peace plan in Western Sahara. It's glad of the nomination of Mr. James Baker as new Special Representative for Western Sahara.

The Secretary-General's report on Western Sahara discussed by the Security Council.

Morocco objections to U.N. Secretary-general report

In a letter to the U.N. chief , Moroccan U.N. envoy Ahmed Snoussi expressed his disagreement with the recent report of Mr. Annan, indicating that the Secretary-general did not show the responsibility of the F. Polisario for the stalling of the voter identification process. He said Polisario was trying to restrict the right of Sahrawis to participate in the referendum "by limiting that right to persons whose names appear in the Spanish census of 1974, a census whose omissions and flaws have been acknowleged by all forums." Snoussi claimed that, "while Morocco remains committed to the settlement plan, the other party is doing its utmost to delay the referendum process and even prevent it from taking place."

Mohamed Abdelaziz in Washington

At a meeting with American lawyers at Washington the SADR President said to be glad of the next nomination of James Baker, adding that if self determination could not be realized in W.S. the region will not be in peace. Abdelaziz asked the US government to pressure Morocco in order to accept the UN mandate. He appealed also to ban the selling of American arms to Morocco.


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