Sahrawi National Day (27.02.97)
The population of the refugee camps commemorated the 21th anniversary of the proclamation of the SADR with great manifestations, in presence of international delegations. In his speech President Abdelaziz declared the Sahrawi people is able to defend its legitime rights and categorically refuses the occupation of its territory. He reiterated to be ready for a serious dialog and insisted that future meetings with Morocco should concentrate on the core of the issue and should be held in a neutral country, with the presence of international observers.
The Algerian War Veterans Minister Said Abadou declared Algeria is working to help bring about a peaceful solution to the Western Sahara conflict and encourages all direct contact between the Polisario Front and Morocco, and added: "Algeria's attachment and support for the legitimate claims of the Sahrawi people are firmer than ever."

Freedom for Mohamed Daddach

The European Bureau for Human Rights in Western Sahara based in Geneva starts an International campaign for the liberation of Mohamed Daddach, a Sahrawi jailed since 20 years in Morocco. [ INFORMATIONS - PARTICIPATION ]

Throne Day

In his speach to mark the anniversary of Throne Day, King Hassan II spoke about W. S.: "We also tried over the course of last year to inform you on the efforts to implement the UN plan to hold a referendum in our Saharan territories. These efforts might speed up the process of identification (of Saharan citizens eligible to vote) and thereby the implementation of the UN plan. Regrettably, no matter how much Morocco has tried to show its good intentions, the other side has shown only craftiness, stubbornness and procrastination, in order to delay any progress in this artificial problem. However, Morocco, as we have repeatedly asserted, will keep its open-door policy. It is fully committed to the UN Security Council's plan and is ready to cooperate faithfully and effectively within its framework. But nothing will deter it from thwarting efforts aimed at jeopardizing its security. Morocco always listens to all its sons. It is aware of their preoccupations, regardless of whether they live in the north or in the south of the country and aware of their eagerness to build their future with pride in their country - which will know, when the need arises, how to be compassionate and merciful (towards sons who have gone astray). (BBC)

04.03.97 James Baker U.N. Envoy to Western Sahara ?
Mr. Kofi Annan plans to name former secretary of state James A. Baker III as his special envoy to explore possible compromises between Morocco and the Polisario Front, reveals The Washington Post, which adds that "Annan believes he needs a prestigious representative to underscore the importance he attaches to this issue".

Mexico: no change

A Mexican MP in visit at Rabat declared: "The position of the Mexican government will not change". Mexico recognizes SADR since 1979, but recently rumors announced a possible retray of its recognition.

Mr. Kofi Annan meets the Moroccan U. N. ambassador Ahmed Snoussi. He should receive soon the Sahrawi Foreign Affairs Minister Bachir Mustapha Sayed.

Union of the Sahrawi Youth
A protocol of cooperation and friendship between UJSARIO and Youth Council of Castilla y Leon was signed at the occasion of the visit of the international secretary of UJSARIO. The main points of this protocol are the reafirmation of the support and solidarity, the start-up of a programm of exchange between the two organizations, the raise of awareness campaigns on W.S. and material support.
UJSARIO participates in the International Coordination Committee for the 14th Festival of Youth and Students (July 25 to Aug. 5th 1997).



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