20. - 26.01.1997



Special Committee on Decolonization

In a message addressed to the "Special Committee of 24", the UN-Secretary-General underlines that is "a particular need to support the MINURSO in the execution of its mandate on the holding of a free and fair referendum in what is the largest Territory on the Special Committee's agenda".

17. - 19.01.97
ECOSY Congress

The third European Congress of Socialist Youth adopts in Strasbourg the following resolution, proposed by Juventude Socialista, Portugal:
ECOSY, reaffirming its attitude supporting the legitimate right of the sahrawi people to self-determination and independence, denounces the difficulties to implement a political solution and calls on the international community, the UN, OUA and European Union to:

19. - 21.01.97
Revive the UN

The visit in Switzerland of the Sahrawi MINURSO coordinator intended to present to the government a demand for good offices for a mediation and the search of a place for further negociations with Morocco.The Swiss authorities declared to be willing to study this demand.
In occasion of different declarations Bachir Mustafa Sayed precised the conditions of the last September meetings with Morocco. He considers on the Moroccan side a real will of dialog does exist, which is confirmed by the involvment of the Crown Prince. The dialog should continue on the base of written proposals - a totally new approach. The Sahrawis keep some hope despite Morocco tries to extend indefinitely the cease-fire, attempts to neutralize the international pressures it is undergoing, and tries to put the Polisario Front to sleep, while making great diplomatic efforts to lessen the international recognition of SADR. There was a new appointment for talks but it did not happen for lack of a mediator and a neutral place.
The Sahrawi responsible declared that in a short-term the UN have to revive. Its new Secretary-General is willing to move forward. At the meeting mid-February with Mr. Kofi Annan, the Sahrawis will ask for the reinforcement of the MINURSO, which has to be removed of the Moroccan influence. The UN are involved by the Peace Plan, he added, and remain responsible of the matter. The Sahrawis are asking for supports in order to continue the negociations under fair conditions.


Following the adoption of the constitutional referendum of Sept. 13, 1996, the Moroccan Prime Minister transmits to the Parliament the draft bill on regionalization.


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