13. - 19.01.1997



Political prisoners

The F. Polisario delivers to the independant jurist of MINURSO, Mr. Emmanuel Roucounas, a list of political prisoners brought up to date by the AFAPREDESA.

Appeal for a "disappeared" Sahrawi

Amnesty International USA's Freedom Writers Network appeals this month to King Hassan of Morocco in the case of Baba ould Ahmed ould Abderrahman who was an electrician for a Spanish mining company when he "disappeared" in October 1975 following his arrest by the Moroccan security forces near Bir Enzaran in Western Sahara. Evoking the liberation in 1991 of hundreds of "disappeared" people who had been held in secret detention centers for more than a decade, the organization believes that Baba ould Ahmed ould Abderrahman may also be held in a secret detention center and asks for his immediate liberation, unless he is charged with a recognizably criminal offense.

Diplomatic restart

At the beginning of the new year, the Sahrawi responsible for the Referendum, Mr. Bachir Mustafa Sayed, begins an important diplomatic tour including the first meeting with the new UN Secretary General mid-February.
During his visit in Switzerland from January 19 to 21, he will be wellcome at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Department of Cooperation at Berne and meet members of the Parliamentary Committee of Foreign Affairs.
Questionned about the aims of his visit, Mr. Sayed answers that the first goal is to look for support in this delicate stage of the beginning negociations with Morocco, particularly to find mediators and a neutral place for the meetings. He adds that the Sahrawis put great trust in Switzerland, they know for its neutrality and tradition of mediation, and he recalls that the commitment of Ambassador Manz and the work of the Swiss Medical Unit in Western Sahara after the cease-fire have been very appreciated.

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