About democracy in Morocco

A seminar about transitions to democracy in the world took place in Rabat, organised by the Abderrahim Bouabid Foundation and presided by Prince Sidi Mohamed, heir of the Moroccan kingdom. In his opening speach the Prince declared the advance of democracy in his country is conditionned to the respect of "the holy values of our people", which means monarchy and the integrity of the Moroccan territory including Western Sahara.
John Waterbury, author of the critical analysis of Morocco "Commander of the Faithfull" published in 1970 and still forbidden in Morocco, participated at this event. In an interview with the news agency EFE, the US specialist of political science said Morocco has changed, passing from a "culture of repression" to a "culture of administration". "Before, violence was used to govern. A violence which had to be shown. Now, administration is used to govern, violence is no more necessary. The monarchy is not questioned".

British declaration

The British Secretary of State at Foreign Office, on official visit in Tunisia, declared to be worried by the "lack of progress" in the question of Western Sahara. Mr. Jeremy Hanley commended the initiative of King Hassan II, starting talks with the Polisario Front and he underlined the negative effects of the W.S. conflict for the whole region.


Hassan's heir prepares to take reins of power, Varadarajan Tunku, The Times, London, 28.12.96, p. 16.

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