"The Sahara is Moroccan"


International Convention against torture

"The Sahara is Moroccan"

Ahmed Alaoui, King's councelor, who declared in early December that Hassan II offers a regional autonomy to the Polisario Front in the frame of the regionalization project, underlines in an editorial of his newspaper LE MATIN DU SAHARA ET DU MAGHREB that the referendum in Western Sahara is unwarranted and the UN, definitively unable to organize it, are removed of the dossier, definitively closed on international level. It is the first time a Moroccan responsible of high level denies frankly the authority of the UN respect to the Western Sahara conflict. The editorials of Ahmed Alaoui are considered as unofficial declarations of the royal court.


The Moroccan State will offer 20,000 houses to about 100,000 people living in W.S., in camps named "Unity", since the cease-fire of 1991. One thousand houses were distributed recently at El Ayun. Those people coming from Morocco were settled in tent camps near the cities of Dakhla, El Ayun, Boujdour and Smara five years ago in order to participate as "Sahrawis" to the referendum. This "Second Green March" caused the resignation at the end of 1991 of Ambassador J. Manz as Special UN Representative for W.S. (he denounced the manipulation of the referendum and named it a "civil violation of the cease-fire").
Because of the bad conditions of these people, Morocco had to implement this big project, financed by the National Promotion, declared the news agency AFP. 34,000 individuals living in the camps of El Ayun will be lodged soon in 5,000 economic flats. The granting of flats to these persons is a "reward for their patriotism and their indefectible attachment to Morocco" concluds the dispatch.

International Convention against Torture

The Moroccan human rights organisation OMDH asks for the integration of this Convention, recently signed by Morocco, in the laws of the country.



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