Secretary-General report on W. S.

Speach of Hassan II in occasion of the 21th aniversary of the "Green March"

US diplomacy

Draft Resolution of the Security Council


Secretary-General report on W. S.

The Secretary-General submitted his latest report to the Security Council. In his report the Secretary-General said the Government of Morocco and the F. POLISARIO have reiterated their commitment to the settlement plan and would continue to respect the ceasefire. He said the two parties were hopeful that ways may be found to resume identification and implementation of the settlement plan, but the positions of the Government of Morocco and the POLISARIO regarding further identification of individuals remained irreconcilable. Dr. Boutros-Ghali stated that the release of 66 POLISARIO prisoners of war by the Government of Morocco on 31 October was particularly welcomed and should help promote confidence. "In view of the recent indications that the parties are moving forward, and in order to allow time for further progress, the Secretary-General recommends that the Security Council extend MINURSO's mandate for a further period of six months, till 31 May 1997, while making it clear that the international community cannot be expected to support the extension of the mandate indefinitely unless there was tangible progress towards the settlement of the question of Western Sahara". ( full text )

Speach of King Hassan II in occasion of the 21th anniversary of the "Green March"
In a TV-speach to his people, the King said talks had been held recently in Morocco with the Polisario but had collapsed. "We agreed to meet them but on condition that the question of independence was not on the table. Our son (Crown Prince Sidi Mohammed) and the Interior Minister (Driss Basri) held talks with them during two days," the king said.
He added it was expected that he would meet Polisario representatives personally if the initial talks brought results. "But they still don't understand that the (Western) Sahara became Moroccan and even if we want to give the territory another aspect or legal definition, we cannot ". He underlined that the talks di not end with a breakdown. "These discussions will continue, always in the frame of the UN Peace plan."
The Sahrawi Government on its side, in a press release notes the reaffirmation of Morocco of the beginning of a dialogue between the two parties. The Sahrawi part is ready to start negociations and to explore with Morocco the political ways leading to a quick and entire implementation of the Peace Plan in order to allow the Sahrawi people te exercise its right of self-determination and independance.

US diplomacy

Mr M. Gainsburg, questionned at the Moroccan Press club, revealed that the USA work since about 8 month in order to install trust between Morocco and the Polisario. The USA are pleased with the recent release of POWs by Morocco and the bilateral contacts. He added no definitive solution can rise without direct talks.

Draft Resolution of the Security Council
The S.C., reaffirming its committment to the settlement plan and to the maintance of the cease-fire, supports the activities of the Acting Special Representative in continuing the dialogue with the parties and the two neighbouring countries and in facilitating other efforts to set the parties on a course towards an agreed formula for the resolution of their differencies and requests that those activities be accelerated. It welcomes the steps taken as the release of 66 Sahrawi POWs by Morocco and the recent indications that the parties are moving forward together. Encouraging all efforts in this sense, it decides to expend the mandate of MINURSO untill 31.05.97 and asks the S.G. to submit a report for February 28th.


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