WEEK 24, 10-16.06.1996

Meeting of the International Liberal Union
The congress of the International Liberal Union which took place at Noordwijk, Netherlands, adopted an urgent resolution about Western Sahara, repeating its support to the Sahrawi people and condemning the Moroccan policy in W.S. (communique, french)

People protest in Madrid
About thousand persons participated to a public manifestation in Madrid, in order to protest against the attitude of the U.N. concerning the Western Sahara conflict.

Trial against the newspaper "Le Monde"
In Paris, an action was brought against the newspaper "Le Monde" accused of "offence to a foreign chief of state" because it published, November 3th 1995, an article titled "A confidential report accuses Moroccan power of cannabis trade" (see week 44/95). Judgment will be expected on July 5th.

The Moroccan daily newspaper Al Bayane approves the position of the Spanish government. The Polisario Front, by the voice of SADR President Abdelaziz, had announced the same opinion after the recent declarations of the Spanish government.

Senator V. Rios of the Canarian Coalition (Spain) asks in a parliamentary interpellation to take action in order to resolve urgently the Western Sahara conflict.

A symposium organised by the towns of Florence and Campi Bisenzio on the subject " Western Sahara challenges Europe", with the participation of Sahrawi Prime Minister Mahfoud Ali Beiba, the President of the Italian solidarity movement Luciano Ardesi and wellknown Italian politicians.


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