WEEK 16, 15-21.04.1996

Miners strike at Bou Craa

The " Association des Sahraouis de France" announced on 12.4. its solidarity with the Sahrawi miners of Bou Craa, who strike since March 13th and appealed to all democratic forces in the world to support the Sahrawi workers.

52th session of the Human Rights Committee of the U.N.

Under item 7, the selfdetermination of people, the Committee adopted a resolution about Western Sahara, reaffirming that the aim is to organize a fair and free referendum for the Sahrawi people and expressing its hope of direct talks between Morocco and Polisario.

German parliamentary delegation about Western Sahara

As announced the delegation visited on 10.4. the Sahrawi refugee camps where it met Polisario leaders. It also visited Moroccan POWs. On 12.4. it was in El Ayoun. Before leaving for the Canarian Islands the chief of delegation E. Brecht declared the necessity of a trustfull climate between the two parties. If the peace plan results in a winner and a looser it cannot succeed, he added.

The british newspaper The Guardian evokes in an analysis of the U.N. peace-keeping missions and the election of a new Secretary general the misjudgments of Mr. Boutros Ghali in Somalia, Western Sahara, Rwanda and Angola. "In Western Sahara he has allowed the king of Morocco to stall indefinitly a referendum on selfdetermination, and turned the U.N.'s Mission MINURSO, into an open scandal."

Amnesty international: Human RightsViolations in Western Sahara

In his newest report, AI Index: MDE 29/04/96, the human rights organisation declares: "Serious human rights violations have continued to be committed by the Moroccan security forces in Western Sahara, in violation of international human rights treaties ratified by Morocco and despite the presence since 1991 of the United nations Mission for the referendum in Western Sahara, MINURSO".
Arrests of suspected political opponents in W.S. have continued to be widespread. Prolonged secret detention continues to be routine. AI remains concerned that hundred of "disappeared" remain unaccounted for.
In its conclusions AI asks the U.N. to take the necessary measures to ensure that the human rights safeguards included in the Peace plan are respected, and that MINURSO has full and free access to all parts of Wesrtern Sahara and to all individuals.


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