WEEK 14, 01-07.04.1996

The Sahrawi Trade Union U.G.T. SARIO (Union Générale des Travailleurs de Saguia El Hamra et Rio de Oro) appeals in a press release ( 30.3.96) to support the workers of the phosphate mines of Bou Craa in strike and to solidarise with their claiming for better conditions and a free and worthy life.
The portuguese Trade Union Confederaçao Geral dos Trabalhadores Portugueses sent a message to U.G.T.SARIO (3.4.96) to express its solidarity and to ask for more influence of the United Nations on the Moroccan Government.

Keltoum El Ouanat, prisoner of conscience.
The National Union of Sahrawi Women in a urgent appeal adressed to the international community, remembers the hard life of this young sahrawi woman jailed since 10.10.92 for nothing else than having denounced the bad life-condition of her people under Moroccan occupation.
Keltoun El Ouanat was adopted by Amnesty International as prisoner of conscience on march 8th 1996. (AI index:MDE 29/03/96).

Members of the British Parliament founded on 26th March a Western Sahara supporting group. Composed of members of all the main political parties its principal purpose is to sensitize the British public to the Sahrawi problem.

The Chiefs of State of Algeria and Mali have repeated their attachment to a fair and free referendum in Western Sahara under control of the U.N.. They told in a press release their concern about the delay of the voter registration process.

The Swiss Committee of support for the Sahrawi people organized for his 20 years of existence and activity a "Charter of Solidarity" which brought about 100 visitors and a load of necessary medicine to the refugee camps near Tindouf.


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